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Further Mistakes to Avoid After a Breakup

You must first understand and recognize what sort of mistakes exist that could cost you the chance to get back your ex.
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We’ve all done things we’ve regretted be it from speaking your mind passionately about a subject and realizing the people to whom you were preaching were actually talking about something else to such moments as calling your ex late at night with no plan or idea of what to say because your reasoning is non-existent with three shots of tequila in your system.  Chances are you’re reading this because of the latter experience or you want to avoid it.  To avoid, you must first understand and recognize what sort of mistakes exist that could cost you the chance to get back your ex.

Clinging to your ex - Being clingy doesn’t mean you’re attached to the right arm of your ex and never let him out of your sight (though that does fall under a category of clingy) but rather not letting your ex go by calling, texting, or just being a nuisance to your ex.  The greatest success stories of getting an ex back are from those that stepped away from their ex and relationship long enough to put their lives back together.  When you do take the time to step back you’re showing your respect of your ex’s decisions, which can make him realize you care about his opinion and even trust him.

Continuous contact with your ex can easily be construed as harassment.  The constant messages, calls and emails are related to being clingy, as well, only this sort of aggravation will make your ex reconsider what he ever saw in you instead of just reconsidering getting back with you.

Allowing your emotions to be in command over your reasoning is a mistake because it can lead to all the mistakes you can make.  It’s natural and okay to feel hurt—in fact, it’s human—nevertheless, it’s important to keep a reign on your feelings so you can move pass them and find strength to move on.

Turning to drugs and alcohol for the purpose of numbing your pain is also a bad idea.  This shows weakness and inability to cope with feelings.  Generally this is a big turn off for your ex because it leads to you doing embarrassing things to get your ex back.

Another mistake is to think that your ex is going to change for you.  Your ex is basically done and if you want him back, you have to show him you aren’t done.  If he sees that you’re willing to make some sacrifices, he’s likely to be willing to do the same and try over again to make your relationship work.  You can get your ex back, however, don’t change for him, but rather for yourself. Here are some helpful resources you won't want to miss at http://www.breakupcures.com/GetExBack.php

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