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Win Him Back - Rebounds You Can Make it Through

Often this rebound setup is only going to make him think of you more. Here's why you can still get your ex back.
Views: 910 Created 08/24/2009

Though you see your ex in the arms of another woman your chances of winning him back aren’t exactly diminished to nothing.  At the moment you’re probably thinking that he’s already moved on and there’s nothing you can do but that’s not exactly true. You may still have a chance to get your ex back, it just might take some time.

Seeing your ex with someone else right after a breakup is probably one of two things: he has a really good friend that just happens to be a girl and they’re talking about how he’s feeling or your ex is going through a rebound phase because he needs to feel accepted and that he’s not a failure.  He’s going to need to feel better, too.

The romantic notion that has been created of rebounds is that the girl after the ex is the “everything” a guy has always been looking for.  This simply isn’t true—for the most part.  The more likely case is that your ex just needed to feel special again.  In fact, it’s possible he just needed an excuse to go out and do something after feeling so hurt.  That’s right.  Even if he broke up with you, he’s still going to feel hurt.

Generally, these rebound relationships don’t work out.  Often this rebound setup is only going to make him think of you more.  She might swirl the contents of her cup before taking a sip just like you did.  She might be completely opposite of you which will likely make him realize he misses you more than he was letting on. You can still get your ex back.  Visit http://www.squidoo.com/discover-magic-of-making-up, there is hope to get him back and recapture his heart, mind and soul.

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