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A Designated Driver to Prevent Drunk Dialing

The need to talk to your ex isn’t going to help your goal of getting your ex back because you’re more likely to monologue about nothing.
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We’ve all seen some sort of movie where a couple breaks up. There’s about five minutes of a sad song that plays while the two characters go about their daily routine in misery until one or the other decides to patch the relationship.  Though movies are often romanticized to give everyone hope, this is sometimes how you feel after a breakup and your outcome can be the same.  However, something the movies don’t always show the mistakes that can be made during the breakup time.  One in particular is drunk dialing and it can be very deadly to the makeup part of a breakup.

What is Drunk Dialing?

Basically it’s when you make a phone call that you have no idea what the outcome is going to be.  All you could think about is hearing your ex’s voice again or making him see the error of his ways and convincing him to take you back.  You’re likely to regret this call in the morning.  Most drunk dialing incidents happen late at night and some occurrences actually involve alcohol.

The need to talk to your ex isn’t going to help your goal of getting your ex back because you’re more likely to monologue about nothing.  If you’re lucky after making this mistake your ex just hung up on you and you talked into a dead phone.  Even if your ex only heard the first part of your speech, it’s likely he wasn’t very impressed and more annoyed with you than before.

How can you avoid Drunk Dialing?

The best way is to not allow drinking to be the bandage for your wounds.  Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and doesn’t even always numb the pain.  Social drinking might be okay but it would be best if you had someone there to be the designated phone holder or breakup patrol or someone that will prevent you from making a late night drunk dialing mistake.  Visit http://www.squidoo.com/discover-magic-of-making-up, there is hope to get your ex back and recapture his or her heart, mind and soul.

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