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Rebound Back to You - Getting Your Ex Back After He Rebounds

Rebound relationships don’t last long. In fact, it’s just a measure your ex is taking to start stretching his trust level again. Why?
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After a few weeks of working to overcome the pain and emotion of a breakup you feel like you’re completely ready to follow through with your plan to get your ex back.  You’ve spruced up your wardrobe and are now chic.  Then, with crushing despair, you see him opening the door for another woman.  Your chances of getting him back are over, right?  Not necessarily.  He might just be on the rebound.

How is this good news?  Your ex isn’t going to be able to jump straight into another serious relationship, not so soon after just leaving you.  Breakups generally mean some amount of trust has been broken.  It’s hard to open yourself up to trust another person with your heart when you’re so tender and bruised from the last person you were with.  Your ex had feelings for you and cared about you.  Even if he says he stopped loving you, he still cares about you and your welfare.  He might just be out for the night for an opportunity to start healing again and the fact that he’s showing he’s ready to start putting trust in someone again can be a good sign for you.  Not to mention, if this is a rebound, he’s likely not serious about this other girl.

A rebound is generally not a serious relationship.  This doesn’t mean you have permission to sabotage your ex’s date—that will only make him resent you more.  However, being on a date means he’ll be looking for characteristics that interest him.  You already know you have those traits he likes and if this other girl doesn’t, he might just think back and wish that she had what you had.

Rebound relationships don’t last long.  In fact, it’s just a measure your ex is taking to start stretching his trust level again.  That’s a good sign for you if you want to get him back.  You can start squeezing more of your influence into his decision by showing how you’ve changed: both physically and mentally.  Visit http://www.squidoo.com/discover-magic-of-making-up, there is hope to get your ex back and recapture his or her heart, mind and soul.

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