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Troubled with Bindi in Hindi?

Facing problems while learning Hindi? Read on...
Views: 1.435 Created 08/29/2009

"Namaskar! Lekh ke prarambh mein lekhak ka abhivaadan sweekar karein". If all of this seems Greek to you, then may I take the opportunity of saying that it’s Hindi. And all those big, heavy words mean that ‘yours truly’ sends a warm “hello” to you.


I won’t blame you if you were not able to comprehend that, for it was a deliberate attempt to start off with Shudh Hindi (the scholarly one, you know!). As every other language, Hindi too has its many versions where language often gets transformed into dialects.


The colloquial Hindi language is not difficult to learn, though the first look of those curves and sticks in the Devnagri script are enough to give you a good run for your money. But once you stick around; A, AA……, are as easy as A, B, C (literally!).


Hindi and Urdu draw quite a number of similarities. But other languages like English, French etc also draw analogies with Hindi. ‘Mother’ in English is ‘Mere’ in French, ‘Madre’ in Spanish and ‘Ma’ or ‘Mata’ in Hindi.


If you have always been scared of grammar, rest assured you can tame it. The rules are surely going to help you in broader sense. The easiest and fastest way to learn is to have Hindi speaking people around.


But some special tips for beginners won’t hurt. Fill in the blank –

“-------- jata hun”

It’s a no-brainer. Whenever you find ‘hun’ at the end of the sentence, ‘Main’ will accompany it. Don’t even think twice before writing that.


Hindi is a language to be befriended and whether it’s for better grades, getting access to rich texts or just to enjoy Hindi Cinema, you'll never regret this decision.

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