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How to Get Back With Your Ex - Baiting Your Ex

Find out how to get back with your ex after giving him/her some space and time.
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Many articles out there talk about how to get back with your ex but often only mention what you can do immediately following a break up. You’ve followed all the advice given.  It’s been a month since you last saw your ex and you’ve been working out and are in better shape than you’ve been in years. You’ve gained your confidence back and you’re relatively happy.  But what should you do now? You still feel a void in your life that you know is from the absence of your ex. Unfortunately, we can’t all be musicians or poet enthusiasts that can write a heart melting melody or an emotional love sonnet that would capture our exes’ hearts.  However, there are ways to bait your ex now that you’re ready to face him/her.

Getting Back Your Man:

Ladies, while men aren’t all shallow beings, they’re still going to want a little physical appeal. That’s why you spent every day for three weeks at the gym, remember?  Make the bait flashier to capture his attention. Dress up in appealing attire that sends him the message you’re ready for him to start reconsidering you—you might just consider this “suggestive attire.”  Don’t let him think this is a free ticket to sleep with you again; that comes with commitment only.

Now you have the bait but you’re still probably wondering how to get back with your ex. You’re going to have to make a phone call or visit. Both have their advantages. You might be nervous about seeing your ex and worried he might turn you down.  How could you handle that humiliation after putting yourself on the line?  A phone call dampens the pain a little more than a face-to-face refusal.  However, a visit will give you the opportunity to set the first trap by showing just how appealing you became during your separation. He’ll see how good you look and how much you’ve changed in the course of a month.

Getting Back Your Woman:

Gentlemen, you’re probably wondering what sort of bait you have that would attract your ex back. Women like to have things that will compliment them. That’s why they carry around purses, get expensive shoes and wear extravagant jewelry. These are accessories that make them feel good and look appealing. So if you want to be back on her side, you’re going to have to fit the part by complimenting her style. How to get back with your ex and become bait for her is to spice yourself up. Get some new clothes that make you look sharp. After you’ve spruced yourself up, invite her to dinner at the old pad with candlelit class that will have her romantic wishes fulfilled.

Be careful, though, that while you’re attempting to get her back you’re not just becoming an accessory to do her bidding. Also, don’t mention the “breakup” or the water will go cold fast.

How to get back with your ex is easier if you’ve given him/her space and time.  These pieces of advice is the step in getting back your ex after you’ve gone through the necessary changes and are stable enough to risk putting your trust in someone again.

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