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3 Huge Mistakes Depressed People Make After a Breakup

The 3 things must be avoided if you have any chance of recovering the love you had with your ex.
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When you suffer a devastating loss, it can be hard to deal with the everyday tasks that must get done. You may act as if the world is coming down around you. You do things you never thought you would do… all because of this loss. This loss of love, romance and togetherness: your boyfriend/girlfriend recently called it quits.

It’s this feeling of hopelessness and emptiness that drives you to do things you never imagined you would. You’re desperate to keep him/her in your life but those things you try and do could be placing a wedge in between getting your relationship back on track.

Three things that must be avoided if you have any chance of recovering the love you had with your ex.

What three mistakes causes an ex to run for the hills every time you call, write, text, email or show up?

First mistake many people, both men and women, make is constantly getting in touch with their ex. Intentions may be well meaning but it’s all backfiring in their face. The last thing your ex is going to want to do is talk to you or wants to see you. This is the time they need to figure out what they want in their life and if you are included in it. If you are constantly in their face, how can they know how they feel? Besides when you constantly try to get in touch with your ex, you come across as desperate. This is time when you need to get strong.

A second mistake many people tend to make is typically out of depression. It’s called drunk dialing. Drunk dialing does typically take place after you consume one too many beers or alcoholic drinks. However, it can happen when you are depression drunk as well. What depression drunk means is that you are letting your sorrows rule your life and letting your emotions take control, which forces you to pick up the phone and spilling out your emotions to your ex… all just to talk to them one more time, hoping they’ll take you back. All your ex will see of you is someone who is vulnerable and weak.

The third mistakes many people tend to make involve you constantly bombarding your ex with calls, text, emails, etc. If you can find a way to get involved in your ex’s life, you’ll do it. All this does is make you come across as a psycho and does nothing for your cause. In fact, they may get so sick of hearing from you, that they will find a way to limit all contact with you…perhaps changing phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

So how do you get back into your ex’s good graces? You need to stay out of his/her way until they are ready to speak with you. This means you break off all contact, at least for a month. This separation time away lets those hurtful feelings that festered and exploded to die down, allowing you to speak with your ex calmly.

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