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8 Things You Need to Avoid to Get Your Ex Back

How can you make them see that they were wrong for dumping you? Actually, there is a right way to go about winning your ex back..
Views: 1.360 Created 08/29/2009

One day, everything seems to be going smoothly with your significant other. The next day, you’re picking up the pieces of a shattered heart. All you can think about is your ex. How do you get them to give you a second chance? How can you make them see that they were wrong for dumping you? Actually, there is a right way to go about winning your ex back and there is a wrong way to winning back your ex. When you know the wrong way, you can avoid making the mistake.

So what is this huge blunder that needs to be avoided? It’s called text message terrorism. What’s the main idea behind text message terrorism? It’s the constant unwanted communication with your ex that leads to further heartache for you and further annihilation of your main objective: to get your ex back. When you do this, it will eventually drive your ex nuts where they find ways to avoid you at all cost.

Text message terrorism isn’t just talking about texting by phone. It’s any sort of communications including:

- Texting
- Emails
- Instant messages
- Phone calls
- Answering machine/voicemails
- Social site messages
- Calling friends to get in touch with you
- Showing up where you know he/she is

With these eight ways to contact your ex, you could get slapped with a retraining order if you do not leave your ex alone. Your intentions, however well meaning, will not be heard when you bombard your ex. All your ex will see is a desperate, needy and clingy person who they should never have gotten involved with in the first place. While that may not be how you wanted it… it’s the way you portray yourself. Don’t.

Instead, take this time to sort through your emotions and feelings. Leave your ex alone to sort through his/her own feelings. Give them time to miss you and deal with their emotions. In the long run, you’ll both be better for it and you might even get that second chance you were hoping for. Just remember to avoid doing any text message terrorism and you’ll be good.

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