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Why Too Much Contact Ruin Your Chance of Getting Your Ex Back

Because your emotions won’t be under control you’re very likely going to just end up looking clingy if not desperate.
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What should you do now?  You’re feeling desperate and alone and perhaps even a little lost (or very lost).  Generally our first reaction is going to be to go back to the one we love to help us through this turmoil of emotions.  Unfortunately, if you’re feeling this way because of a breakup, you’re first instinct is going to be wrong.

If you were just left by someone you love know that you’re not alone.  Many people have learned the success to getting back with a loved one (if you so choose) is to give your ex some time and space.  This will only have good effects.  Being on the other end of remaining too close are going to have the following results:

Number and level of fights are going to increase.  This is sure to happen because your ex is going to be angry, you’re going to be angry and all around feelings are just going to be angry.  You’re both hurt and will try to defend yourselves with harsh words to or about the other person.  Distance will prevent more damage.

Because your emotions won’t be under control (because you didn’t take the time to learn to control them) you’re very likely going to just end up looking clingy if not desperate.  Neither will convince your ex he/she should take you back.  Taking time away from your ex gives you the chance to control those stray emotions and your ex will have time to calm down a bit.  Being apart is much healthier than struggling with the constant pain that will be around if you stick around your ex.

It’s possible that your ex would start taking advantage of you, too.  If he’s “getting” you without having the rest of you, he’s taking advantage of you and you’re ruining a chance to make him realize he needs or wants you back in his life.  He needs to realize all consequences of not having you in his life.

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