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2 Silly Mistakes to Avoid When You Try Getting Your Ex Back

There are ways to untangle your heart and prevent yourself from pulling on the wrong chains that will ruin your chance of getting your ex back.
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Have you ever had a jewelry box that you threw all of your necklaces in and when you finally wanted one of your necklaces all of the chains managed to get all tangled up?  Remember what you did when that happened? How you’d try to untangle them?  Chances are by pulling and tugging at random parts that looked like they would untangle the entire web? After a breakup, you might feel exactly like this web of chains that will never come loose.  Fortunately, there are ways to untangle your heart and prevent yourself from pulling on the wrong chains that will ruin your chance of getting your ex back.

1)  Drunk Dialing

One of those chains is called Drunk Dialing, which commonly happens later in the evening with a few drinks in you.  Alcohol doesn’t always have to be the reason; it just inhibits your common sense… making this event more likely to occur.  The worst part of drunk dialing is the aftermath because no matter what you said (or didn’t say) your dignity was just washed away because you succumbed to your depression.  In your irrational thinking you either left a very drunkenly weaved story of sarcasm and sorrow on your ex’s voicemail or you did the same right in your ex’s ear.  Both will lose points if you’re trying to get your ex back.

2)  Text Message Terrorism

A second chain that will interweave even more trouble to your tangled heart is text message terrorism and is exactly what it sounds and more.  Virtually assaulting your ex with any sort of message is what falls under this “chain’s” category.  This is like tugging and pulling helplessly at the knot that your necklaces have become which only creates more chaos to unravel later.  When you have started text message terrorism it is hard to stop because all you want is some sort of response.  You’re just going to have to live with the fact that you don’t have control over your ex so you can’t make him respond.  You need to work hard on giving up the habit of messaging your ex constantly so he’ll stop seeing you as desperate.

The best way to disentangle your confused heart is to focus on yourself for a time.  You don’t need to add more confusion to the knot you’re trying to straighten out.  Just work on one area at a time and don’t let anything overwhelm you.  Now that you know what to avoid after a breakup, you’ll be ready to work on getting your ex back without tugging on the wrong chains.

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