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Surefire Way to Get Your Ex to Return Your Calls

Without breaking a sweat, you’ve created a message that will have your phone ringing in no time.
Views: 765 Created 09/02/2009

You’re in the best shape of your life.  You have so much confidence… you’re glowing.  You’re healthy and beautiful and feel like you could take over the world.  You have a plan for getting your ex back and you’re ready to proceed.  The only problem is: he won’t pick up the phone and no matter the number of messages you’ve left, he never calls you back.  Well, it’s likely you’re trying to appeal to the wrong things.  Have you thought about that?  Well then, you ask, what should you be appealing to?

It’s simple, really. Every person that you know—including you—are intrigued by two factors that will tug at you until you yield to the need to fulfill your desire.  You’ll argue with yourself.  You’ll tell yourself you can overcome whatever obstacle is thrown your way but when both of these factors are thrown into one pool, you will fall so quickly to understanding them.  Self-interest and curiosity: two very common causes for people to call an ex back.

The trick is being able to lace a message with these enticing culprits.  Like a siren at sea, your message will indulge your ex in thoughts of what he might have done to deserve appreciation and he’ll be curious as to how your “thanks” plays out.

It’s important that you leave this message with the right intent.  Don’t just use this as a way to finally have your ex call you back (that will only make things worse).  Here is a message that will strike at your ex’s self-interest and curiosity level so deeply that he’ll have no choice but to call you back:

“Hey George, it’s me Rachael.  I got to thinking last night about something you told me and it had an amazing impact for me.  I’m seeing things so much clearer now.  I wanted to say thank you so if you could call me back, that would be great.”

Without breaking a sweat, you’ve created a message that will have your phone ringing in no time.  So long as you have a real reason for thanking your ex, you’ll be well on your way to getting your ex back.  For more information, Visit http://www.squidoo.com/discover-magic-of-making-up

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