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Getting Your Ex to Return a Call – Here's a Simple and Proven Strategy

Two things that you’re going to need to adopt for the next time you leave a message on your ex’s answering machine. Find out..
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The animal kingdom is such an amazing thing to follow.  For example, look at the peacock and how he struts about with his exuberant tail-feathers high in the sky with pride: the king of his own world.  He is the only thing that matters.  He is an all-important god of the animal kingdom and with his magnificence he will find a mate.  You must become this peacock when you are trying to get your ex to call you back.  There are two things this peacock has that attract his mate; two things that you’re going to need to adopt for the next time you leave a message on your ex’s answering machine.

The two aspects that will appeal to your ex and ensure you a return phone call are self-interest and curiosity.  When a peacock flaunts its feathers for a mate the peahen, the peahen is attracted for these same two reasons.  She’s curious about the vibrant colors and she has self-interest of having a mate that has the ability to protect her and her eggs/peachicks.  Though the reason for humans is a little different, adopting the effervescent attitude of a peacock when leaving a message will do wonders.

The reason is because people have this need to know and understand everything.  Put a Rubik’s cube in front of someone and they’ll most certainly try to solve the colorful enigma.  Leave a message with vibrant intrigue for your ex and he’ll call you back.  The reason is he’s going to want to know what, especially after a breakup, he would be doing on your mind and why you are pleased with him.

That’s right. The message you’re going to leave on your ex’s machine is “Hey Steve, it’s me, Renee.  You know, I was just thinking about something you did for me and I was realizing how much it helped me out.  I wanted to express my thanks to you in person so call me back when you get the chance, I’d love to hear from you.  Talk to you later.”

Don’t just play this as a game to get your ex back.  You have to be serious about something your ex did for you.  You can’t just make it up.  What happens if he calls back and you just say, “I just wanted you to call back and you finally did”?  He gets upset, won’t fall for the bait next time and you’re out of luck.  You must have a real reason because this opportunity will only come once.  For more information, Visit http://www.squidoo.com/discover-magic-of-making-up

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