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The Tunnel of Depression - Avoiding the Cajoling Friend of Breakups

Listed here are many things you could be doing other than just sitting around. All of them will help you get over the pain..
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After a hard breakup the cajoling nature of depression will easily distract you from continuing to live your life to its fullest.  Frequently life will jab at you with disastrous force and you will want to turn to whatever you can to appease the aching within.  Often times alcohol or other drugs become your friends and your life begins a downward spiral that is difficult to break away from.  The best thing for you to do after a breakup is to ensure you continue living.  A breakup isn’t the end of the world so don’t make it the end of yours.  There are so many things you could be doing other than just sitting around. All of them will help you get over the pain of a breakup faster than allowing depression to overcome you.

Remain Active

Being physically active is very important.  Relish in the fantastic feeling that comes from working out and getting your body in great shape.  Since stress will add pounds, it’s important that you don’t let the stress from your breakup win you over to the lazy and pudgy side.  Not only does working out keep you physically fit, it will do wonders for your mental health as well.  Chemicals are emitted into your brain to make you feel better about yourself.  Not to mention, when your ex sees you in better shape than you were before, what do you imagine he’ll think?

Social Outings

Having a cohort of friends and family is also very important when it comes to dealing with the after portion of a breakup.  These people will be the wall you need to stand against when you feel like you can’t stay up.  They will be the ones carrying you through so much when you feel like your legs are going to collapse beneath you.  Whatever support you need, they will provide it for you.

Fix Yourself Up

We all have our things about ourselves that we’ve always wanted to change.  For some, they want to lose more weight (tip one will help with this); for other, they want to actually have a “life” (tip two will get you on your way to that) and still others want to learn a new language, understand philosophy, become a better person, etc.  Whatever you want to change about yourself… now is the time to do it.  Use the powerful emotions inside yourself to make some of the changes you’ve been wanting.  You’ll easily be able to become a new person and just might catch your ex’s eye once again.

The only person that’s going to be able to make any changes that will help your ex reconsider being with you is you.  You can have help from people as support.  Ultimately, however, you are the only person that can motivate yourself enough to follow these three tips.  With depression making life look so much easier because all you’ll have to do is sit and mope, you will be sorely tempted to follow that path.  However, what you don’t see at the end of that tunnel is light.  There is only one way in and out of the tunnel of depression and it’s much harder to get out.

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