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Mistakes Girls Make - #7 The Bush

The battle of the sexes is a long and sordid one. But finally, there is a site that tells it how it is.
Views: 946 Created 09/03/2009

Gather around my friends and let me tell you a tale of terror. It was a dark and stormy night in New Zealand. I had just flown into the city and moved into a university dorm. As I was unpacking my bags I met a gorgeous brunette with long curly hair. She was living in the room across from mine. Her name was Bex. She was a half-white half-maori girl with a tiny body and beautiful giant breasts. We flirted for a bit and she invited me to the dorm party that night. The theme wasPirates of the Carribean. Naturally, me looking like Johnny Depp anyway, I was ready to go.

Me and the other people on the floor got together early for some drinking games. Nothing gets people smashed and horny like King’s Cup. Here they call it Circle of Death. Now this is where shit started to go wrong. Bex hadn’t yet put her costume on and she was trashed.

She stumbled to the bathroom and came out in full pirate gear, including a drawn on monobrow, pirate moustache, and 2 dollar plastic sword. Not the hottest pirate I’ve seen… but not the worst either. So “what the hell, why not?” I thought. We hooked up at the party and went back to her room. The lights were dim and she was raging horny. She ripped off all my clothes and I began doing the same to her.

She was totally naked except for her panties. It was a beautiful sight to see. Not a single flaw… except of course for the monobrow and the moustache.

As I pulled her panties off something very confusing happened. She was wearing another set of panties underneath. Why would someone wear 2 sets of panties? I pondered for a good minute, sitting in confusion. One hand holding her G-string, the other scratching my head. Then suddenly I realize… “Dan, those aren’t panties… that is the biggest f*ing bush you’ve ever seen in your life!!” (read the rest on mistakesgirlsmake.com)

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