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How to Turn Any Argument into "Off the Chart" Make Up Sex

What if you could channel the energy we use to argue to stimulate the most heightened and stimulating sex imaginable? The secret is out…you can.
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If you are married, then you’ve probably had an argument or two. It is not only a fact of life, but as we have found, a necessary form of communication. This article is not about “how” to argue. Suffice it to say, you should leave personal attacks, name calling and old business aside. When you “discuss things” at a high level, you should respect a person’s opinion, listen intently and strive to make your point. When things get out of control and your emotions get the best of you, “strong discussions” turn into arguments and both parties generally get very emotional.

The chemicals released in our bodies during arguing are the same endorphins and chemicals released when we were cavemen, fighting for our families or for our meal. When people argue, fight, or battle, the body’s reaction is to go into survival mode. Chemicals like adrenaline are released during battle. Adrenaline is one of those chemicals and it has been attributed to giving us superhuman bursts of energy.

Imagine Superman having sex.

Now, what if you could channel those same chemicals and endorphins to stimulate the most heightened and stimulating sex imaginable? The secret is out…you can. Below is a step-by-step guide to harness the power of our bodies, channel the energy (both positive and negative) to create “off the chart” sex with your spouse. My wife used to be slightly frumpy, depressed and didn’t care about sex. After we decided to stay married (divorce was a seriously considered option) we worked VERY hard at both our core issues and created the “Make Your Wife Hot” manual, book and blog.

  1. Next time you argue, let it go a bit longer than usual. In fact, push your arguing further than you have previously. Carry on a bit longer and insert a few points that are almost ridiculous that you can easily give into if you were not so mad.
  2. When both of you are at the peak of arguing, take a long dramatic pause and sit very still. Take a moment and let your spouse know that she is right. (Even if she isn’t right, let her win this argument. Your job here is to win the war, not the battle) When you give in, she may not believe you. Remind her that, “yeah, the more I think of it, the more I see your point.” She will gradually melt.
  3. Don’t stop there. You must go on and not only concede her point, but go one step further and admit that you were wrong and upon reflection, acted like an ass. This combination of “You were right, dear” along with, “AND, I was wrong” may at first make her suspicious if this is your first time losing a fight.  You’ve conceded..stand your ground. You are about to tap into the chemicals released during your argument and turn them into a powerful aphrodisiac.
  4. Now that you have conceded the battle, it is time to make amends. You should immediately embrace her, hold her tight and apologize. Make your embrace longer than usual. Wipe away any tears and profess your undying love and devotion to her. You are giving her physical, auditory, and visual stimuli of your love and respect for her. By combining all three modes of communication (auditory, visual, and physical) you will reinforce your point and assure her of your sincerity.
  5. Start with a gentle kiss….keep up that embrace. As you slide your hands down her backside, increase the intensity and passion of your kissing. The rest is pretty  elementary….you should be preparing her for passionate sex. Her endorphins are elevated and since both your emotions were running high, you are both chemically prepared for love or war. You have just taken a battle and turned it around. Congratulations.

Do not create a “fake” fight, just to have make up sex. It won’t work.
Do not personally attack her weight, mother, or anything personal. Stick to the point, when arguing.
Do not go to bed angry. Always complete the fight (and the make-up sex) in a single day.
If make up sex doesn’t occur, don’t worry. You’ve still scored huge points for sex later in the week.

Be sincere when you acquiesce. You are wrong ½ the time anyway. Who cares which time this is!
Be very slow and with your advances after the fight. Aggressively diving down her pants won’t work.
Show her as much attention after sex as before. Memories of a few candles and a foot rub last forever.

It is inevitable that our emotions run high every once in a while. Arguing is an inescapable part of a long-term relationship. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn a bunch of those arguments into a closer relationship and mind-blowing sex! For more strategy and tips on creating a sexually-charged relationship, visit http://makeyourwifehot.com today!

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