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Reasons Why Women Are Attracted To Bad Men Even When They Have the Good Man

He is arrogant and pays no attention to you whatsoever. However, for some unknown reason, he has caught your fancy.
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Men can basically be divided into two categories - good or bad. Good guys have a nice, pleasing personality, are well mannered and chivalrous. Qualities like these and others make them a pleasure to be around.

What about the bad boys? They obviously have none of the qualities mentioned above and are, in fact, annoying and no pleasure to be with. Above all, they are individuals whom nice, levelheaded women would never want to be associated with.

Consider this: You are a woman with a balanced and good outlook of life. You have a 'good' boyfriend (with the qualities mentioned in the first paragraph) who has the potential of being a good husband too. You have a happy life until one day you come across this 'bad' boy. He is arrogant and pays no attention to you whatsoever. However, for some unknown reason, he has caught your fancy.

You go over it again and again but get no answer as to why he has caught your attention. The answer is that bad boys are simply attractive. No matter how much your 'good' man takes care of you, a bad man is hopelessly irresistible.

Now, you are in a fix. Is it worthwhile to leave your 'good' man for the 'bad' just because the latter is irresistible? A lot of people seem to suggest that today women tend to get a lot more attracted to the bad men and yet they prefer that men should be very nice in order to make a woman happy.

Somehow both these points of view aren't completely right. It is known for a fact that the actual deciding factor of a relationship is the 'attraction'. If the pull is strong enough, the relationship is likely to last longer. Does this bring you to the conclusion that bad boys are more likely to carry this 'attraction gene' in comparison to the good guys?

Honestly, there is no direct gauging mechanism to determine who has how much of what and yet the bad guys seem to be more alluring. Why? Well, rather than the 'genes', this attraction towards bad guys is more because of the hard-to-get factor. Most people tend to start craving for things, which they know, are difficult or impossible to get.

A good guy dotes over his woman, gives her everything and is available at all times – this makes him almost a part of woman's routine. Now what she wants is something that will bring in excitement and adventure – which comes in the form of the 'bad' guy.

All this, however, is no excuse for a man to be rude to you. Rudeness or arrogance is certainly not proportional to a man's level of attractiveness. The secret is the 'chemistry' between the two of you and you should settle for nothing less than what creates the fireworks.  Visit http://howtomakeaguyfallinlovewithyou.com for more powerful strategies that will help you create and sustain a great relationship.

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