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Why Men Jump and Run From A Worthwhile Relationship

Just like women, men too differ and have different views on relationships and even deal with them differently.
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How many women have been dumped by a guy who was seemed perfect and cared about them? There’s a lot more than you can ever imagine. Remember the first few meetings and the chats; wasn't it pure bliss? Everything was pleasant and nice… until the day you decided to make the move to the bedroom.

Initially, everything is hunky-dory and then suddenly he begins to change. He starts moving away if you try to talk about a deeper relationship. Then one fine day you find him gone. This makes some women think that men have only one attraction in life and that is sex.

A wise woman will, however, refrain from any such conclusions. Just like women, men too differ and have different views on relationships and even deal with them differently. Yet, you come across cases wherein the man just vanishes after a few bouts of intimacy. What causes this?

Getting intimate with a man early on and even discussing deeper emotions at the onset can make him lose interest. You have to keep an element of discovery alive for as long as you can. As far as sex is concerned, you might want to remember a vital part of a man's behavior. This are:

Men Love Challenges - Men thrive on thrill, excitement and challenges. This explains their undying love for video games and sports. You also have to come across as a challenge to them as far as relationships and sex are concerned. The biggest pleasure comes to a man when he thinks he has conquered and won you and that you want him bad enough.

The trick is to give into his needs and get into the bedroom slowly and gradually. If he gets his conquest too soon, he sets out for another battle. If the victory has been awarded after a long and hard fight, he will savor every bit of it; hence, making this one last longer.

A man needs challenges to make him feel good about himself. A constant chase is what keeps him on his toes and gives a new meaning and perspective to his life. You falling in line with him too soon is the equivalent to letting him know that his challenge with you is over. As soon as he gets this hint, he will be off for another quest, which will obviously not include you.

The better way to deal with the situation is to let the man settle down a bit after you two have gotten physically intimate. Don't ask questions about the future immediately; it will only overwhelm him. Let him be the one to question you about the future. This way he won't think that you are trying to push him into something.

Fortunately, this particular streak of men doesn't only spell a bad situation for you. Look at the positives: men need something to drive them and if you can constantly be a source of that, your man will be yours forever. All you need to do is to devise a constantly changing routine of activities you do together such as joining some fun group or hobby class. Don’t forget to keep an open line of communication all the time.

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