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Use Your Intuition in a Positive Manner for All Your Encounters

Intuitions, if used in the right manner, can actually help in developing strong relationships.
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Intuition is that subconscious part of a person's thought process that tells them whether a certain situation is good or bad, threatening or non-threatening. It has been observed that women tend to be more intuitive than men. Unfortunately, most women don't use this power for betterment of their relationships.

Most women tend to direct their intuitions in wrong directions like fueling suspicions. This only creates a roadblock in the healthy development of their relationships with men. The longer they carry these feelings, the harder it becomes to get the relationship back on track.

Intuition is something that can never be controlled. Intuition is particularly strong when it comes to emotions and sensitive issues. If a man is not being romantic or thoughtful, it will immediately create slurry of negative intuitions in you. Often this will lead to accusations and a fractured relationship.

What causes negative intuitions to arise? Often the cause lies in a past relationship or the general opinion that women hold about most men.

Women tend to think of men as creatures who are frustrated in general. If this belief is held subconsciously, all interactions with men will carry this stamp in one way or the other. Against this backdrop, all men will be judged as similar to one another, with a belief that they are no good. Even at the slightest provocation, drastic conclusions would be drawn.

Intuitions, if used in the right manner, can actually help in developing strong relationships. Instead of using them for negativity, they should be tapped for perceiving situations better. The best part is that the mind can actually be trained to do so.

Mind Games for Better Intuition

Overcome fear - It is no good being scared of anything. Whether it is fear of loss or anything else, it will never lead to a positive intuition. Therefore, it is best to throw away all these fears from one's mind.

Men are unpredictable - This means they can be up to anything at any time so be prepared accordingly. Don't think too much about what they do and what they don't. If they start or stop something suddenly, don't start speculating unnecessarily.

Focusing one's energies on the positives - Thinking negative is the easiest thing in the world to do. Therefore, one has to train one's mind to think positive first and then develop positive intuition. This way, not only will there be trust for the man in question but also accompanying a peace of mind.

Practice intuition - It is a good idea to put one's intuition to the test. Work it out on the more generic stuff like work and workout regime. This will help develop a stronger sense of how right or wrong one's intuition is.

Have an open mind - There are many things that happen according to plan and many others that don't. It is vital to keep one's mind open to all possibilities. Feel good if everything happens as planned or desired and feel neutral if they don't. Eventually, you don’t let anything trigger negative thoughts and intuitions.

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