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Three Measures Women Use To Keep the “Honeymoon” Phase - Don’t Use Them

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When women don't find a reasonable answer to the man's sudden drifting away, they start making random conclusions.
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In every relationship, a woman always comes across a time referred to as the 'honeymoon period'. This is the magical time when the couple thrives in each other’s presence and is inseparable. Unfortunately, this doesn't last forever. As abruptly as it begins, it ends. Now the man starts moving away and no matter what the woman does, the 'honeymoon period' is over for good.

When women don't find a reasonable answer to the man's sudden drifting away, they start making random conclusions. Since most of these conclusions come through frustration, they all turn out to be irrational. In the long run, these can be detrimental to any other relationship the woman may form.

If you find yourself in such a position, you need to realize that the 'honeymoon' never lasts forever. Every relationship undergoes transformation and deals various phases with time. Maturing of the relationship wherein the couple is more emotional, talks and plans about spending rest of their lives together normally follows the ‘honeymoon’ phase.

Even though the 'post-honeymoon' period may be emotionally more satisfying, you don't want to get in to it. The thrill and passion of the 'honeymoon period' is too good to be allowed to end anytime. Hence, you must try to elongate this period as much as possible. When nothing brings back the golden times, you could resort to the following measures in desperation:

Measure 1 - Telling the man what he ought to feel - This is equivalent to asking a man who doesn't know how to read or write to pen a letter. The fact is that there are some emotions that men are just not capable of expressing. Asking them to 'feel' for you will only make you come across as a 'nagging' woman.

Measure 2 - Waiting for the 'honeymoon' to start again - Wait if you really may but be sure you don't actually expect him to get back to 'the phase'.

Measure 3 - Jumping to a 'give and take' relationship - You will start behaving as if things really don't matter. You will try to show that you are not the needy one and in the process will establish a 'give and take' relationship. This means you will speak, only if spoken to and will sit with the man only if asked to and more. This is done in the hope that your guy will miss your presence and come back crying for you. In reality, this will only push the man further away.

Unfortunately, none of the above measures works for women coping up with the loss of 'honeymoon period'. In plain and simple words, men don't and can't take hints; they are simply incapable of doing so. However, you can do something to avoid this trauma in the future:

First, talk in his language. Observe and learn how he thinks and talks and try to adapt that as your style. It will make it easier for you to connect with him.

Second, take your efforts as a long-term investment. Don't think of it as something you should get instant returns for. In fact all the successful relationships develop over a long time of 'investments' and 'divestments'. Rest assured if you put in emotions and efforts without expecting instant rewards, the long-term returns will be many times more than your original investment.

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