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Rekindle the Flame by Paying Attention to His Needs Too

Now you might be wondering what really is wrong with your relationship. Aren't they all the same? Actually… no.
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Every now and then people come across a relationship that makes them green with envy. Even though the frequency of such couples and such relationships are less, the ones that exist certainly make others feel out of place. With the air of a light romantic comedy, these couples certainly make their combined presence felt anywhere they go.

That is one kind of relationship; however, there’s another kind of relationship, which is what many people tend to have. A common person lives a very average life and has a passionless interaction even in their most intimate relationships. One wrong step and the whole relationship can go down the drain. Sometimes, couples make amends and succeed but many times things just fall apart.

Perhaps now is a good time to determine which category your relationship falls in. There is a good chance that you belong to the second category because those in the first category don't exactly need save-relationship articles.

Now you might be wondering what really is wrong with your relationship. Aren't they all the same? Actually… no. How can you possibly not see the signs? Answer a few questions for yourself and you will know what really is missing. How often do you have open chats with your partner? How often is there a casual touch? How often does the intimacy of sex arise? How often do you lay together communicating only in hugs and embraces?

A passionless relationship is quite fragile by the time people actually start sorting it out. The end result is that even before the corrective measure takes effect, the relationship is over. Women have two ways to deal with it:

First, they will nag their partner about the missing 'fire' in the relationship. What does the man do? He either gets cold feet about a deeper relationship or tries to make up by showing mere physical presence. Both of these are never long lasting measures.
Second, women in such a situation tend to be quiet and take in everything submissively. This is also destructive, as it leads the couple to become distant from one another.

What can be done to save a passionless relationship from dying out? The answer lies in not doing anything that hasn't worked so far. This means you have to stop being passive and that you have to stop nagging! Your efforts should be positive and focused on doing something that draws honest reactions.

You need to consider the initial phase. Think of things that would make him swoon over you. Was it your words, your actions or was it something deeper than that? Yes, it was much deeper… it was a connection at a very basic level, almost like a gut-feeling. It is this kind of chemistry that needs to be re-ignited.

You may think that you have already tried your best to re-ignite that fire and it hasn't worked. What has stopped those chemicals from reacting any longer? The answer lies in you. Never forget that the chemistry is between two people, it is not just about you. You will need to put your own needs on the back burner for some time and start paying attention to what he wants.

Men love to know that they are loved and cared for. If you show him that you are looking at things from his perspective, he will certainly start paying attention to what you want. However, if your attempt is to make him play by the rulebook, rest assured he will run as fast as he can to get away.

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