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How to Break Through the Communication Gap – Advice for Women

Some may think that this communication gap is the end of everything. The key is to devise a method that can hit the monster of dead-silence on the head.
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Who can forget the passion and bliss of the first few dates? The non-stop banter, the eye-to-eye talk and the speaking in silence; it was never easier to communicate with someone. Yet somehow, somewhere down the line, something changed. Your love/romance time together became non-existent and there is less talking especially about emotions. Worse still, irritation is the pre-dominant emotion of all conversations. You are beginning to think- was this relationship a mistake?

The above scenario is what most couples face at some stage of their relationship. Does it mean that your man has lost interest? The answer is ‘not necessarily.’ The truth is men have emotional needs that are very different from those of women. Their nature and societal teachings don’t allow them to be very expressive. On the other hand, women can talk easily and are good at expressing emotions.

Now women deal with this situation in different ways. If she tries to probe the man, he will be unhelpful and hostile. This will lead to bigger arguments and eventually a big fight. The woman will avoid repeating the same. However, this won’t be for good because slowly over time, the distance and the communication gap between them will keep increasing. It can do irreparable damage to both individuals and the relationship.

Some may think that this communication gap is the end of everything. However, others know that they can fight back and win against this communication gap to be one again with their beloved. The key is to devise a method that can hit the monster of dead-silence on the head.

Where do you begin? First of all, you must remember that both of you matter and a positive approach is what you need to get through it. Secondly, always keep your manner pleasant. How you speak to your partner will matter and while content is important, your manner is speaking to them is more important.

You also need to talk to your man in a language he speaks. Choose a topic you enjoy but put him in context when you talk to him about it. This will draw his engagement. Another thing that you need to study is his way of doing things. This will include things like reactions to various situations and talks. A study of these actions will help you to decipher his secret fears and insecurities. Having learned about those, you can wisely approach him the next time you need to talk. Keep what you have learned at the back of your mind so that you don’t ruffle those areas even by mistake.

A careful, measured approach to talking to your man will surely make him listen and pay attention. This is the first step towards drawing communication from his side. If you can make him listen, you can also make him sing like a nightingale. Always remember that men can be comfortable in silence so it may be on the woman to break the barrier of the communication gap. This is a must to keep the relationship going.

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