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Don’t Spoil the Fun - Holidays and Proposals Don’t Always Mix Together

Too many expectations can lead to a disaster, spoiling the whole season for good. If this is you, keep your anticipation balanced, neither too high or too low.
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Holidays are the best timing to make the special people in your life feels special. These are the fun-filled times in the year when you want to feel good about yourself and also make people related to you (family, friends and your partner) feel cherished. The highly charged atmosphere of the holiday season doesn’t leave anyone untouched. Whether it is Valentines’ Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving, it calls for a special celebration with the special lot of people.

The holiday season is also an important phase for couples. With gifts and vows being exchanged everywhere; it is natural for a couple to have expectations from one another. While a woman might expect her partner to seal the deal with ‘the question’, men might be prepared for such eventuality.

Women especially give too much importance to this season, wondering about the man’s secret plans and surprises. Too many expectations can lead to a disaster, spoiling the whole season for good. If this is you, keep your anticipation balanced, neither too high or too low. This will help you to remain unaffected even if no ‘questions’ are asked.

Look out for the emotions that might unknowingly flame subtle thoughts about marriage. This is not to say don’t consider the possibility but just to warn you that too much expectation can drown the fun. Pay attention to unknowing signals that you might be giving out, seeking a full and final commitment. If you are talking too often about others’ engagements, marriages and children, you better take control of your emotions.

Such emotions build anticipation and can be exciting so when it actually happens, you can’t contain your happiness. At the same time, if what you have been anticipating doesn’t happen, it can throw you into depression. A lot of men do propose to their woman in the holiday season but there are a lot of men who don’t. The sooner you accept this fact, the easier your life will be.

The idea of a holiday for anyone is to make it light, fun and a happy time. You don’t want to spoil it by adding in an additional stress. The best way to deal with it is to keep telling yourself that if the ring comes out, great; if it doesn’t, then don’t worry about it. This will keep both your emotions and temper in check. You should also try to understand that holiday season brings in stress in small amounts when contemplating what to buy for whom, who to take where, etc. You sure wouldn’t want to add to that stress for someone you’re supposed to love.

Remember that the holiday is a time to rejoice, to give love and take away stress from one another. Make sure you don’t burden yourself with something that unnecessarily spoils the fun, both for you and him. A holiday may be a good time to pop the question but it’s certainly not the only time for that most important question of your life. There are many more days and many more occasions to come and the “real” right time to pop the question.

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