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Torture and kill. Girls love to kill and then go back to everyday life .
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            “I am so tired of this fucking job. I am not a worker and it is not my fault that I was thrown into this shit. I will be 30 years old next week and have nothing to show for it. I am goddamned depressed”.

             “I work at a convenient store making minimum wage. My boss is a son of a bitch and he knows it. He also knows that I have to work here because jobs are hard to get right now. I will come up with something to get the hell out of here.”

            I was mopping the floor Friday night and the bastard walked up behind me and grabbed my ass; I whirled around to see this little smirky smile on his face and a rise in his pants; however, it was not much of a rise because he is almost dickless. I just dropped the mop; took him to his office and fucked the shit out of him. I pretended that it felt so good. I finished all that fucking shit and went home.

          I pulled into the driveway in my old beat up jeep and see my friend was there and I got excited. We had been friends for years and always got in trouble together. She was so beautiful with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. I was always the one who felt insecure about myself that is until my friend showed up. Her name is Lola she was so fucking tough. I walked into the trailer; Lola was lying on the bed looking so damn sexy; she had on beautiful lingerie.

          Lola told me that she had us a date so I ran to take a shower and get sexy. I put on my red baby doll outfit it looks good with my dark hair and I feel very fucking sexy in it.

           I walked into the bedroom and saw that she had a hot ass man in there with her. He must have showed up while I was in the shower. Lola told me to come sit on the bed with them. I walked over to the bed and this man reaches up and pulls me down on top of him, I can feel the huge bulge in his pants. Damn this man is blessed or he has stuffed his damn pants. I wiggle on his dick to see if it is for real but it is hard to tell when he’s wearing jeans. I got up; squatted down in front of him, and start to unbutton his jeans. Lola spoke up and said for me to wait and I am sure you could read the disappointment on my face. I wanted to see his big cock.

          Lola told me to get the bag out of her car. She said that it was her toy bag so I put on my house shoes and went to get the bag. I got to her car and opened the trunk to get the bag. I was fucking shocked to see what all she had in that car. Lola had many whips there was a whip with chains on the end; I had never seen one of those so I stuck it in her bag and took the bag inside.

          I walked in the trailer and Lola was on top of the man she was chocking the shit out of him and he seemed to be enjoying it. I watched in disbelief as Lola slapped him hard on the face and called him names. The man was still dressed and Lola told me to look in the bag and give her the hunting knife. I dug out the knife and gave it to her. Lola took the knife and started cutting his clothes off. He seemed to like it he was moaning and saying, “Hurt me baby”. Lola got to his jeans she started at the bottom of one leg and cuts upward. She gets to his crotch and I can see he is still very hard. Lola cuts his jeans off and his dick shot up straight as a board. I was very impressed; I bet it was ten inches of fat meat. I just wanted to jump on it and ride I was so fucking wet. I started rubbing his cock as he moaned; Loa was licking his nuts as I rubbed. We then took turns riding his big cock it was so fucking good. I had never felt that full before.

             We had been drinking liquor the whole time we were fucking and I was about to fall out. The man had already fallen out and his cock was shrinking fast. Lola was pissed that his dick was soft; she grabbed the knife and started to cut this man. I grabbed her hand and told her not to cut him because we will want to do this again, she agreed.

         My trailer is in the woods there are fifty acres and the trailer sits right in the middle so I have a lot of privacy. Behind the trailer is a little cabin that someone built as a playhouse I guess it is eight by ten in size. The cabin has little windows cut out and it has cracks in the walls between the logs.

            Lola and I decided to put the man in the cabin. Lola goes to her car and gets hand cuffs and a small chain out of the back seat. I could not believe she carries all this shit in her car. She always said that she is prepared, for anything now I believe it.

            We went to the cabin and hooked the chain onto the biggest log we found Lola hooks the handcuffs onto the chain and locks the chain with a huge pad lock. We went inside and the man was still passed out on the bed. We stood there arguing about how we would get him out to the cabin. We came to the conclusion that it would be difficult no matter how we did it because he is a big man.

            I went outside and backed my jeep to the door as close as possible. We dragged him to the back of the jeep and I was so happy that he had dranked so much or we would be getting our asses beat by now the way we banged his head around dragging him. We finally got him half way in the back of the jeep; his legs were dangling out the back but it worked well enough to get him to the cabin.

            We dragged him into the cabin and chained him up; we had ignored the fact that he was butt ass naked through all this maneuvering so we took him a blanket out to the cabin. Lola stayed with me that night because she knew he would wake screaming and cursing. Lola told me that we would have to get more chains to bind him with so she gets in her car and leaves for about an hour. When she came back, she had this huge fucking chain and more pad locks. I did not ask any questions I just watched as Lola chained this man everywhere she even put a spiked collar around his neck and hooked a chain to it.

             Lola and I went inside and lay on the bed we were two tired bitches. Around three in the morning I woke up to this loud banging, I woke Lola up and we sat and listened as the man called us every name imaginable and banged on the cabin roof, which was a tin roof. That shit was loud I hoped he didn’t put a hole in it or he would get kinda fucking wet when it rained. He banged all fucking night my head hurt so bad when I got up the next morning. I wondered if he slept at all.

            We went out to the cabin and the man was bleeding, his hands looked horrible from beating the cabin roof all night. We bandaged his hands up and checked to see if he was hurt anywhere else. He had a few scratches on his ass from sitting on the plywood floor. We put a soft cushion out there for him to sit on and we fixed him a little table to eat on of course it was plastic so the could not hurt himself. We also fixed him a bed it was made of Styrofoam. We put a soft mattress on it with clean sheets and made sure that he would be comfortable.

         Lola finally told me that his name was Mark, I wasn’t even sure that she knew his name but I settled with Mark anyway that’s what we called him.

        Mark was very upset with us he called us bitches, sluts, whores and lots more names so finally we had to put duct tape on his nasty fucking mouth. Lola was pissed off at him because she felt like he should appreciate the fact that we fixed him a nice bed to sleep in and we even bought him rib eye steak for supper. Lola liked hitting him she would grab the chain attached to his collar, pull him over on his belly, and beat the shit out of him with her whip, the one with the chains on the end. I watched in amazement as she took control of this man ,she would make him say things like ,”yes baby I like it” and “beat me harder baby” stuff like that ,it seemed to turn her on. Mark would bleed a lot so I always patched him up when Lola was finished with him.

            For a week, Mark was fed one meal a day that way he appreciated what ever we fixed for him. He did not complain about his food anymore he ate every bite. Lola and I took turns giving Mark a bath we would take a pan of warm water and soap out to the cabin. I liked to bathe Mark because I played with his big dick and I rode it as much as I could, Mark didn’t get a hard on as much anymore so Lola slapped him around until he did. Lola bought Mark some Viagra and it did wonders. We fucked him so much his dick was bruised. He learned to do whatever we wanted. I walked up to his face and made him eat my pussy he did a very good job so I gave him steak for supper. After about two weeks of this, Al looked very skinny and sick. He would shit and piss on himself. Lola would get so mad; she would get out her Catonine tails and hit him across the face. I could not stop Lola when she was angry so I just closed my ears and closed my eyes until she was finished.

            One day we went out to the cabin to see Mark and he was lying there in his feces making gurgling noises. His mouth still had the duct tape on it. I told Lola that we need to take him to the hospital. Lola spins around and looks at me with death in her eyes and says, “You crazy bitch if we take him to the hospital we might as well turn ourselves in”.

            It rather hurt my feelings so I stood silent while she goes in the trailer.

            Lola comes running of the trailer yelling, “You son of a bitch don’t you die on me”.

            I noticed she had my ice pick in her hand; I moved over to the corner and sat down staying very quiet. Mark was still gurgling and I was about to be sick to my stomach I hated that sound I wish she would just go ahead and kill him.

            Lola walks over to Mark and starts stabbing him with the ice pick but she does not insert the pick all the way in she just pokes him with the tip every time she pokes him he makes an awful noise and flinches. Lola seems to love this so she tells me, “Take the tape off his mouth”.

            I walk over slowly and pull the tape from his mouth. Lola sits there with an evil grin on her face. I am wondering what she will do to him next.

            Mark’s lips are bleeding from the tape being ripped off his mouth. We had changed the tape every day so his lips were very irritated from that. Lola says, “Let’s roll him over on his back”.

            I helped her roll him over. Mark looked so fucking bad. His face was all bloody, where Lola had beaten him with the catonine tails.

Lola started poking at his face with the ice pick. I started to throw up. Lola looks at me and says, “Get your ass over here bitch and poke at his face”

            I was so damn sick watching this but I went over and squatted down beside Lola she put the ice pick in my hand and said, “Here pick up this little piece of skin”.

            I picked up a little piece of skin that Lola had torn off his face. She said, “I’ll go get needle and thread”.

            I sat there with Mark while Lola was gone I was afraid to talk to him he was still making those gurgling noises but it was worse. Lola comes back with the needle and thread. She starts to sew the little piece of skin back onto Mark’s face I could tell he was in pain by the way he was trying to lift his arm to fight her. Lola just smiled and kept on sewing she never said a word until she was finished.

            Lola looks over at me and says, “Cut off another piece”.

            I could not even believe she was asking me to do this. I sat there and looked at her in shock. Lola yelled, “Damn it I said to cut another piece; what the fuck is wrong with you, you little pussy? Cut a piece of skin off this fucked so that I can sew. Cut it off his dick, DO IT NOW”.

            I was scared to fucking death so I got the knife we had stuck in the logs to torture him with. I stooped down picked up his dick and started cutting. I just cut like hell not even looking at what I was cutting. I felt something warn on my hands I look down and see fucking blood everywhere. I said, “Lola oh my god he is bleeding everywhere”.

            She said, “What in hell did you do dumb ass you cut an artery now he will bleed out. Why the fuck did you do that he is going to die now damn it”.

            I was so scared Lola had lost her fucking mind. I know this fucker will be better off dead and I am relieved that I do not have to watch Lola sew him anymore.

            Lola says, “Go and get some shovels we have to bury the son of a bitch”.

            I got the shovels and walked back into the cabin, Lola was sewing pieces of skin onto Mark’s face I could not believe it. She had cut pieces from his legs and was randomly sewing them on his face; he looked like a fucking alien from somewhere. Lola told me to go behind the cabin and pick out a spot for a grave. I walked around the cabin and find the perfect spot; there are no trees so we don’t have to worry about roots. I thought to myself that there should be a tree there it would make sense to have a tree there but no there wasn’t one.

            I start to dig; I know the grave will have to be deep. I heard Lola cursing Mark for dying she was calling him a pussy and a motherfucker. I just kept on digging. I knew he was dead so I had to take care of it. I just kept digging. I was so fucking sore and could not understand why Lola was not helping so I take a break and walked into the cabin.

            I walked in the door, turned around and ran back out to puke my fucking insides out. Lola was fucking a dead man. I was in shock she had his bloody dick in her pussy and was fucking him. I can’t imagine how she was doing it .I did a pretty good job cutting up his dick.

            Lola walks to the door and says, “Oh so you’ve never fucked a dead man”?

            I just shook my head NO. Lola asked if the grave was ready. I say, “Hell no I could use a little help if you can stop fucking dead cock long enough”.

            Lola says, “Fuck you to bitch”.

            We walk around the cabin pouting at each other and dig a very deep grave. It took all evening; it was dusk when we finished so we decided to bury Mark in the morning we were just to tired to continue.

             It is too early to be up but I knew we had to finish what we started. I could not eat breakfast because every time I tried to eat the image of Mark’s bloody face and Lola fucking his bloody dick invaded my memory.

            We walked around behind the cabin to check the grave we both agreed that it was plenty deep enough. We were angry at each other while we were digging and dug the grave almost eight feet deep. I look at it now and wonder how the fuck two girls did this. I had already done most of the digging while Lola was fucking off with Mark. We went back to the trailer to get something to wrap Mark up in. Lola just wanted to dump him in the grave and throw dirt on him. I showed my ass because the least we can do is wrap him in an old blanket or something. I won that argument. We found an old quilt; the kind you wrap furniture in when moving and that will be his coffin.

            We walked in the cabin to get Mark; Lola jumped about three foot high and screamed. On Mark’s face was a huge rat it had eaten his eyeball. I ran the rat off and took all the chains off Mark smelled very bad. We wrapped him in his coffin and dragged him to the grave. We just rolled him off into the grave. Mark sort of landed on his head and I know it broke his neck because of the crackling sound it made when he landed; but at least he didn’t feel it.

            We put the dirt on Mark and said a little prayer for him. Our job now was to clean all the blood and pieces of skin out of the cabin. Lola got carried away cutting Mark and left little pieces of his skin on the floor.

            The day after we buried Mark I went to Lowe’s and bought magnolia trees we only needed one but I got carried away and bought ten trees; magnolia trees are my favorite. We planted the biggest tree on top of Mark’s grave and planted the rest all around it.

            Lola said, “Well that was fun. Mark had the nicest dick He was good with it too.”

             I said, “Lola, why did we torture and kill him if he was so fucking fun?”

            Lola said, “Wait just a fucking minute, I did not kill him, YOU did”.

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