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How to Spice Up Your Love Life with Communication

Communication is vital to spice up your love life. Without a healthy dialogue with your partner, you will have no way to let them know what you want - or find out what they want!
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So you want to spice up your love life, but are maybe not quite sure where to start. You need some ideas and tips to get you going. Ideas are easy to find, especially if you are creative. When you start looking around you, you’ll see ideas all over the place!

Let’s start with a very basic skill that you will need to fine tune to spice up your love life. It is communication.

Relationships are built on communication. Without it, you cannot build a healthy and vibrant relationship. Whether it’s verbal or non-verbal, communication is the life-blood of any relationship.

So what kind of communication do you need to spice up your love life?

You need to open a dialogue with your partner so that you can both talk about what you want and like. If you have not been communicating well up to this point, then this may take a bit of time to develop this dialogue. You both need to be comfortable and trust each other enough to share what you really want.

Once you are able to open this kind of dialogue, you will then get the chance to find out what your partner wants. This is just as important as what you want, so be sure to develop the skill of listening, as well - then you will really hear what it is they want!

You will also get your turn to share what you want and like. Be as specific as possible. If there is something in particular that you want to try, tell them what it is. If there is something that you really like it when they do it, then tell them about it and let them know you would like more.

From here, your dialogue can develop and grow. As you both learn to listen, and learn how to communicate what you really feel and want, you’ll find the intimacy deepening and your relationship will start to be more of an adventure.

Learning how to spice up your love life is a process that needs to involve both of you, but you will likely be the one to get things started. Take it slow if you need to and really build a good foundation of communication and intimacy to launch from.

Once you have established a good dialogue with your partner, and you are both comfortable talking to each other about what you want, then you can take your communication to a new level. Now that you have that foundation, you can start to experiment with some dirty talk, discussing fantasies, and of course some serious flirting! What better way to spice up your love life?

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