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How to Win Back My Ex - 2 Important Strategies to Work On

You will need to lay a strategy that is meant to accomplish two things. Your approach should leave no doubt that you are desirable to make up with.
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Studies have shown that in 75% of breakups that take place, women are the ones who walk out. Interestingly, many of them regret their moves within just a few days of breaking up. However, embarrassment will keep them from coming back. Nevertheless, this creates a suitable ground for reconciliation if you make the correct move.

Basically, you will need to lay a strategy that is meant to accomplish two things. Your approach should leave no doubt that you are desirable to make up with. Your aim is to win back your ex so you should also be able to demonstrate that you are available for such reconciliation.

Fix your mistakes

Although it is women who usually walk out, this does not mean that the guys have no mistakes. Address any wrongs you may have committed. It may be that you have been neglecting the interests of your ex, resulting in frustration. 'How to win back my ex?' is what's on your mind now.  If that is the case, then commit yourself to be more thoughtful from then onwards. This will make your ex appear valued in your sight.

Maintain your individuality

The fact that you are making adjustments to accommodate the needs of your ex does not mean that you should sacrifice your own interests. Strike a rich balance by making your ex know of your needs as well. Of course, you should explain your needs only after taking the needs of your ex into consideration. This will make it easier to reach a compromise. In any relationship, there is need for some level of give and take in order for things to run amicably.

Accept your mistakes

You must be willing to apologize for any mistakes you made in order to win back your ex. It is not a show of weakness to accept your mistakes. Instead, this will just show that you are quite responsible.

When you are able to prove that you are desirable and available, you will be in a good position to win back your ex. 

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