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Commitment Phobic Man – Frustrating Issue

There are a number of signs that will make it clear that your boyfriend is not yet ready for marriage. You should therefore learn to detect these important signs.
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It is very frustrating if you are in a dating relationship with a commitment phobic man who seems so closed up on the issue of commitment that you do not know his real stance. It would be better if you could at least determine that he is not considering marriage, so that you know what you should do.

You do not have to hang in suspense as you wonder what your boyfriend is really up to. There are a number of signs that will make it clear that your boyfriend is not yet ready for marriage. You should therefore learn to detect these important signs. Here are some of the things that can warn you.

The types of acquaintances he introduces you to

When your commitment phobic boyfriend is not yet ready to make a commitment, he will only introduce you to casual friends but not those who really matter in his life. If you notice that he avoids introducing you to his family members, this is a warning signal that he is still not contemplating committing to you. Such a man will also hardly let you spend time in the company of his friends.

How he spends his money

A man who is still not seriously considering marriage will tend to be rather carefree with his money. Such a man will not take the time to make some important investments, but will spend almost everything that he gets at the end of the month, or whatever period. A guy who is not prepared to settle down will know very little on such things as mortgage and mortgage rates. Retirement will be one of the things furthest from his mind.

Keeping your things separate

A typical commitment phobic man who is not yet considering commitment will hardly accept to share the same apartment with you. In fact, even the space where you keep things will be separate. If you notice that he does not forget any of his things in your house, be warned. You will have to wait for quite a while before he makes any serious commitment.

These are some of the things that will help you to know that your boyfriend is not really thinking of committing to you. However, there are several things that you can do to help him change his mind. If you love him and are convinced that he is the right man for you, you can help him have a change of heart through subtle measures.

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