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How to Determine Emotional Infidelity

Although emotional infidelity is in itself quite a big problem, it also indicates a relationship at the brink of collapse. It always comes just before physical infidelity.
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There are things that lead towards cheating, and emotional infidelity is a major one. In fact, this infidelity is in itself cheating. A relationship involves more than just physical association with just one person. There is a strong bond that surpasses physical union.
One of the most important aspects of a good relationship is emotional connection. This is what makes emotional infidelity very damaging. A good relationship is involved with the sharing of thoughts and emotions in general with your partner.
What does it entail?
Emotional infidelity comes about when one partner begins to have such a bond with another person apart from the spouse. It is very difficult to do this without taking a step back from the relationship.
In the process, spouses become strangers to their partners. The process takes place almost imperceptibly, which makes it even more dangerous. It is often difficult at times to determine when you are beginning to go beyond the threshold of ordinary friendship and forming a dangerous bond. What is even worse is that it is very difficult to prove that emotional infidelity is taking place.
There are some warning signals that can alert you that you are getting into emotional infidelity. Here are some things you should watch out for.
Sexual attraction
When you begin to feel some sexual chemistry going on between you and another person who is not your significant other, this should warn you that you are going beyond the pale. Although there is nothing physical taking place, definite changes will take place in your life.
While it is normal to have friends, a friendship that results in such subtle changes needs to be looked at more closely.
Guilt feelings
While it is okay to have a friend of the opposite sex who you confide in, when you begin to have guilty feelings, then there is something wrong going on. If your partner is the one hiding such feelings from you, this is a warning signal that he or she is getting involved in emotional infidelity.
Although emotional infidelity is in itself quite a big problem, it also indicates a relationship at the brink of collapse. This almost always comes just before physical infidelity. Hence determining and solving it at the initial stages is important in curbing possible major problems later on.
In case you sense that your spouse is hiding something from you and is becoming slowly but surely disengaged emotionally, you should not take it for granted.
Take immediate steps to resolve the issue before things get out of hand. This may be difficult, but it is necessary in order to save your relationship.

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