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I'm attractive but my wife's not attracted to me. Why?

Some interesting points about wives, husbands, and attraction.
Views: 1.765 Created 12/02/2009

"My wife doesn't seem to be attracted to me.  I think I'm a decent looking guy...I'm for sure not ugly.  What do you think is going on?"

This man's question shows a fundamental lack of understanding about women.  For the most part, a woman cares about how a man looks the first time she meets him and for about 30 seconds thereafter...just long enough to decide whether he's "cute" or not and long enough to consider how she would look standing beside him...that is, how other people she knows would judge her if she was standing beside this guy.

After that 30 seconds or so, what a woman cares most about is how that man makes her feel about herself when she's around him.

If he thinks, behaves, and operates in a way that causes her to feel great about herself in relation to him, then she is "attracted" to him.  If he doesn't, then she feels NO attraction for him.

Now, the problem is, many a young lady has "thought" she was attracted to a young man all the way up until just AFTER they got married.  The reality is that the young lady was attracted to a "fantasy" that she had going on in her head and nothing was able to shake her loose from that fantasy except the hard, cold reality of marriage.

After the young lady offered up her so-called vows, THEN she decided to look at who and what the young man she married really was...and what she saw didn't impress her...and in fact, the way he operated turned her completely off.

This explains why so many guys get married...thinking they are going to be married forever...only to watch their wife start drifting away from them shortly thereafter...and the guy is wondering how she could have been so "in love" with him before...and now, even though he hasn't changed at all...she can't stand him...and soon enough, he's standing on the steps of the courthouse with a brand-new divorce decree...and he's scratching his head and wondering what happened.

At least that's what happens to those guys who don't take the personal initiative to learn the kinds of things I teach.

Copyright 2009, Article by Calle Zorro. Permission is granted to reprint this article ONLY if authorship credit is given to Calle Zorro and a link to DoThisGetSex.com is included with it.

The issue for most husbands is NOT that they have a non-sexual wife (although that's what they usually think). The real issue is that men need to learn how to think and operate in the way that lets them get more love and get more sex.  So, if there is a lack of affection, lack of intimacy, and lack of sex in your marriage, go here: www.DoThisGetSex.com  You'll be glad you did.

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