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The cracker whip or 6in to 8in or Hot June

The cracker whip or 6in to 8in or Hot June When a woman wants, she will get. This is how I was turn on by what I call’s the cracker whip. June will not be intimidation...
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The cracker whip or 6in to 8in or Hot June


When a woman wants, she will get.

This is how I was turn on by what I call’s the cracker whip.


June will not be intimidation at all, and the male has no say.


It all started when my wife and I was visiting June and her husband.


After the evening meal June made a phone call, at this stage I did not now who too, but found out later. June was ringing her girl friend to cover what was about to coming up..

June announce that she had to go around to her girl friend place to get a book to take back to the library as it will be over due, and does not want to pay a late fines.


“I see your car has been parked behind mine and I can not get it out”. She said


I said “well do you want me to take you in my car to save us change the car over June” “OK”


I asked his wife is that “OK” she said “YES”.


I start the car and June got in to the passenger seat with an extra big bag.

Driving up the street and before I could get in to top gear June grab my leg and then moved to felt my cock. June said “I want that to night”.


Reaching down in the extra large bag she pulled out a very large vibrator and said “do you think you can get bigger than this”, I nearly run off the road. Wow, June knows what she wanted


My cock when into start up mode as June rub my cock and then with the vibrator around my face and making I open his mouth and June was moving it in and out.


When I stoped at the traffic light, June was pulling down my zipper before the lights when green she was sucking my cock.


It’s was not easy with a steering wheel, and trying to drive, and still not knowing where to go. “But where do you want me to go” June came up for air and said we go out of town where we can yes the town lights from the hill.


After June directed me to a hill telling him not to put my foot brakes on only use the hand brake only as this will not show any red lights, and turn off the internal light so it does not work.


I thought that June has done this before.


With her rap-a-round skirt now being taking off she had not been wearing any underwear, and her cunt was on display.


June started then playing with her vibrator and finding her cunt. Her body started to quiver with excitement.


She was working with her vibrator making her cunt becoming so lubricated with her bigger vibrator I had seen and she had it turned on full power.


“The back seat will be the best place so let climb into the back seat, as it got plenty of room” she said.


I made it in the back seat first as my cock was stiff as a rock. She was over like a flash.

While I seating on the seat in the middle June, had position herself with her body facing the fount seats.


With her a cunt cumming to the maximum as the vibrator done it work she places it on the front arm rest between the front seats then with her back against me she started to slide my growing cock into her juicy cunt I had never felt like this before, juice running all over his cock.

She slid my cock slowly out of her cunt but still feeling it just on the edge she slide with full control of my cock into her ass then with one big push she sat hard down on me with a cock know enter a ass my enjoyment was right up her ass she was not a virgin .


Getting her breath as her pain and sex pleasure make her quiver with enjoyment

She stared to squeezes her cheeks to get more felling from my cock is in her ass.


As she sat down as hard as she could felling me insider her and with out making a upward or side way moment just by using her pelvis, hips started backward and forwards movements like a bell dancer controlling rolling my cock back wards and forwards till it crack like a whip.


I thought she had broken in two.


The best way to describe the feeling was say you was a stick and some one snapped it in half Yes I thought she had broken it. I’m shore my cock would want a splint “fuck it hurt”


I yells’ “shit what are you doing you have broken it”, she replies “you basted I want it harder, fatter and bigger”.” I need to enjoy your cock you bastard”.


June wanted more and all I had in my man hood and she did not care how she would get it.


I felt my cock getting bigger but she did it again whipping and cracking my cock, shit it hurt again. It felt like she was breaking it in half but she was crack it

I felling it getting bigger than ever her thought that my cock skin could not stretch any more. “Fuck it hurt “


By the third time when she cracked whip my cock she could not crack it as I felt more of June ass than he had every before.


June tried again and again but I stayed hard and steady and proud of my self.


June then reaches over to pick up her vibrator and slide it up her cunt and turn it to extra high.


With one hand hold the vibrator in her cunt and the other holding her balance on the fount seat she started to move her ass up and down demanding to be fuck hard, “yelling harder, harder, harder you prick” “ I what you to fuck me so hard so I can remember you for ever”.


She rode me so hard using her pelvis thrusting and the squeezing her ass. I felt every part of my body coming to the climax as she was climaxing too.


After I blow more that he had ever did before she mooned and after she slowly calmed down and using both hands to spread her ass to make me to give her more. “Thank you thank you, you bastard I thank you”.


The vibrator fell to the floor she just sat on me giving her ass a slight squeeze to keep in my cock was get the most felling I ever had.


Then June real squeezed her cheeks together felling that my cock at this time it had gone limp still up her ass.

She keep closing he ass by squeezing tighter and tighter then I lifted her ass up very slowly. This was stretching my cock.

When I first enter June ass was 6in and with the crack whipping stretch me to 8in and trying to slow long pull out it was stretching further


And when my cock did come out it was like a very good bottle of wine a loud popping noise like a good cork that had plenty of body.


She moved to the side of the back seat and I moved to the other side, then June with on hand on the handle above the door she throw one leg up and nearly hit the back window and the other leg over the top of the front seat exposing her cunt.


“Come here” with her free hand grabs my head and jammed it in to her extra juice cunt and said “drink the juicy of life”


I sucked and sucked and tonguing her, granting her wishes as her cunt shimmer and cramming with pleasure giving out juice that nearly drowned me.


When I came up for air, and with my fee hand the other was steadying my self not to fall over I started to play with her cunt.


Fingers at first he played with her cunt, then squeezing she started to grab my arm

She then grabbed my wrist and slowly directed it to her cunt.


She was so big my four finger easy fitted then with her pulling I had my hole fist in her feeling all her mussels and a hole that could take any thing.


The look on June face could have been pain but more like sexual delight with her cunt and pelvis movement opening up to take my arm fit easy.


The only noise was the vibrator still runs as nobody had turned it off when it dropped on the floor.


June then garbed my arm and indicated me to pump her making the fisting wanted more and more with this I felt the opening walls of her cunt close around his wrist.


June can to a rest and said “fuck I got you, you bloody making me fells fuckin good ”.


She still holding my arm slowly started to move it in and out harder “fuck me harder” her face was shining and her eyes closed put her cunt was wriggling.


I decided to close his fist this would make give her feel a 10 in girth to make it so big for her to feel. June wriggled more and pelvis as I thrusting into her, She was wanting more by pull my arm in and out again so I start to rotate slowly that started she was producing more cumming then every.

Her body seamed to go it to a trance with moans that was louder she was than cumming, and cramming more and climaxing again.


Next think the mussels in her cunt started to push and she started to do heavy panting her belly started to create a rolling motion and use her pelvis she was going mad trying to squeeze my fist out. June seams to be in another world.


But she was cramming so much my fist was being push out.


June waited a while and brought her legs down at the same time I reached down and turn off the vibrator.


June lent over to her big bag and pulled out some wet one and started to clean me up then started to clean her self up.


Getting back in to the front seat and putting on her rap round skirt and I got redress it was time to head back to each out spouses.


On the way home I ask her what about the book you had to pick up. June replied, I got it here, what about the phone call to your girlfriend that was just to cover our ass for an alibi.


I asked June that she must be hot with her husband, does her enjoy a session with him like what we had. “’O’ NO” I could not do this want we done with my husband he my security person and look after my children from my first marriage and a home to live in.


Only a lover can give me my fantasy, desire, pleasure, guilt and the satisfaction.


I asked her had she whip cracked any other men. “O yes” some got crack three or four time but one screamed so much her pushed me away as he was a mouse I have never seen him again.


I love cracking men in my ass it buts me in charge. “You’re not wrong “


I asked if you left your husband would you married me “NO” you would know want I like.


We would not have any secrets. “But we could have swap meeting to satisfied you” I said


June “I want secrets and dares. It makes her feel extra good.”


When they got back to her house we were asked did she get what she went for, June replied “I got the lot and I’m satisfied that it was in good order”


Next morning I was in the shower and in June house the toilet was one of those houses that were next to the bathroom with a two way door either entrance from the bathroom or from the hall. As I was finishing my shower the toilet door open as I had not locked it was June.

Next thing came over and started to suck me off she was still hot form the night before sucking madly. Some one started to knock on the out hall toilet door hurry up I what to use the toilet. June call back “Just wait you turn I’ll be out when I finish” June just went back sucking me even harder. She was game and I was enjoying it.


When we sat all sat down for breakfast her husband as what juice she wanted and with a positive reply “I’ll had my morning juice all ready I had freshly squeezed early this morning.” June had a double answer for any thing.

Three day later June rang me and said that she can still feel that night.

I replied “I will not forget how I got my extra length”



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