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Muslim In The Western World

I invite all western thinkers to invite their peoples to put an end to this clash between the Islamic and the Western Civilization.
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I didn't travel to any Western country, but I lived in a Western World at the internet. I sent articles, started threads, sent messages and discussed many western persons. I will try to be honest when I talk about the Western Civilization.

Without the computer and the internet which are western inventions, I couldn't be able to publish my articles and short stories. The readers of my articles are about 200000-250000 thanks to the internet. Without the forums, I couldn't be able to know the opinions of western persons which helped me to write more articles. Many web sites accepted my articles about Islam although they are not Muslims. Many web sites published my articles despite the fact that I didn't send them to these sites and despite the fact that the articles are about Islam and they are not Muslims. Congress Library accepted my book: "Questions And Answers About Islam" in the Pamphlet Collection although my points of view are not identical with the points of view of the American Government. I can't deny all these good aspects of the Western Civilization.

On the other hand, some western persons insulted me in the forums without any obvious reasons. I can bear these insults, but I can't bear the rude and offensive behavior of some western men and women who insulted the God and the Prophet Muhammad -may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him- without any offensive behavior from me.

I invite all western thinkers to invite their peoples to put an end to this clash between the Islamic and the Western Civilization. You -western thinkers- need to review your opinions about Islam. Islam is not so bad. And Muslims are not so eager for a clash with the Western Civilization in the presence of the massive destruction weapons. Wise thinkers from the two sides are invited to rethink.

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