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Seven Terrible Sexual Facts About Men

What you women out there always feared is completely true...read on to find out what men really think about sex....
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1 He only wants to get into your pants

He may say that he loves you, and he'll do anything for you, but the reality is that men are so sexually driven that when he's in the grip of lust, his need to get inside you and ejaculate is so strong that nothing he says can be taken at face value. Now, you knew that deep down anyway, didn't you? Which is why you need proof from him of his commitment to you during everyday life.....and sober up girls: that doesn't mean his willingness to buy you expensive gifts, because he sees them as a means to bribe you into having sex. What you need from him is routine stuff, like sticking around, supporting you emotionally, and being faithful. That's what shows he loves you.

2 He may not even know if he loves you

Ever wondered why he's so reluctant to commit, settle down, and make babies? It's probably because he doesn't even know how he feels about you. You can't imagine living in a world where emotions aren't important, can you? Well, think again. That's what he'd prefer: to him, emotions are anger and sadness, maybe joy now and again. In reality, he'd rather do without emotions altogether - that would make life so much simpler. Give him a problem to solve, and he feels safe and comfortable. (Top problem: how to get into your pants.) If he has a shot at empathizing with you when you're feeling menstrual, that's probably as much as you can hope for. If he says he loves you, wow, you've hit the jackpot (but see 1 above).

3 He may actually be very angry with women

You'd be surprised how many men are left with a deep anger towards women after childhood. It comes from being brought up with an absent father (though how many men actually know how to bring up a boy as a man with masculine strength and character?) and a mother who is, well, female. Boys don't like female chit chat and fussiness, no matter how much they love their mothers. In short, they are alienated from women by the way women behave. If you don't believe this, look carefully at a group of mothers with boys and girls, and see whether the boys look fulfilled by being in a feminine environment. It's a simple and obvious truth - boys need to spend time with men because only men understand their deepest masculine needs. When a boy spends all or almost all his time with women he becomes feminized, and angry that she can't meet his particular male needs. He may not know it, but later in life, this will impact on how he relates to women......especially whether or not he "uses" them sexually.

4 He may want to have sex with you just because it's another notch on his bed post

Talking about what sex "means" isn't something he's going to do when you're about to have sex, you're having sex, or you've just had sex. Save the "what does it mean" conversation for later, or, better still, don't be so naive and expect him to say he loves you just because you let him have sex. To him, sex is sex. Would you believe men even have competitions to see who can have sex with the ugliest girl? What you may not know is that the pressure most men feel from their sex drive is constant and pretty strong. It needs release, and that need finds its outlet in many ways.

5 He'll almost certainly be watching porn, whether you like it or not 

Same old, same old, I'm afraid: he needs to get off, and this just happens to be a convenient way of doing it. To get aroused, to get off, and to forget about it - with no conversations about what it means - how easy is that? Unfortunately for all of us, much porn is abusive to women (and to men as well, of course) so it works on two levels: it debases women - see 3 above - and it allows him to satisfy his sexual urge. It's compulsive, too. In a recent study, a Canadian scientist couldn't find any men who had not watched porn. It's the dark side of the internet, and the dark side of male psychology combining in a way that makes everyone worse off.

6 He probably hates foreplay

Well, why does he do it? Because he wants you to enjoy yourself? Maybe, but you have to remember that men's sexual self-esteem is largely based on bringing a woman to orgasm. That makes them feel good. So giving you an orgasm is more about how he feels than about you. Sorry girls.

7 He may only be in relationship with you so he can get sex

OK, now that's going too far, you say? He's loving, kind and good.....well, so what? He may be all those things because that's the kind of man he is, but it doesn't mean he didn't make a pragmatic decision that getting sex from you was easier than seducing lots of women and getting loads of rejections about sex. Relationships can be an easier place to get sex than casual dating, even nowdays. And, while we're on the subject of getting sex, remember that he will take the opportunity to have sex with another woman if he thinks he can get away with it. Watch out!

If you want to know what makes a man tick, you can read this bizarre website: http://www.the-penis.com . If you want to know what makes a woman tick sexually, see the survey at http://www.vulvavelvet.org. And for a website that isn't full of porno images, but actually shows decent sexual images, see http://www.sex-techniques-and-positions.com

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