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How to Attract a Man and Put a Spell on Him

You have the power to attract and seduce any man when you unleash your power to hypnotize him by creating an almost instant emotional connection.
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You have the power to attract and seduce any man when you unleash your power to hypnotize him by creating an almost instant emotional connection. Learn how to do this right and you'll have him eating out of your hands.

Many women stay at arms length or off in the distance when it comes to flirting but if you want to start a fire inside a man, you have to get close. This does not mean you are going to pounce on him, but you need to find a way to get close because it will create the ability to put him under your spell.

First, you smile to open him up. Next, you can use an object and pretend to ask his opinion about it and as you close in, he'll get weaker in the knees because he'll be busy trying to figure you out.

The magic of attracting a man and casting a spell happens when you are able to casually or accidentally touch him. If you do not have physical contact in some way, you will lessen your chances to burn the event on his mind. Touch releases a bonding chemical oxytocin and since men are physically oriented and visual, you need to be brazen and find a way to connect with him through touch.

You may find this difficult to do when you're literally frozen with fear but if you want to add fuel to the fire, you need to make it seem like he's an old friend and give the dude a pat. Preferably on the arm though.

When you touch a man, he's literally awaken and driven to want you MORE. He'll want to return the favor. This will keep him interested in you. Your touch will leave an imprint on his mind and he will not be able to forget you if you were virtual strangers when you met. Note though, you can't come off as too needy or clingy. A little dab will do it.

Even if you've known a man for some time and you've been thinking of ways to connect with him deeper, you have to make him connect with you through strategically touching him in ways where he'll open up to you. His feelings for you will go deeper when you can find ways to make him drip with desire and you'll literally create earth shattering attraction causing him to scream with pleasure.

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