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Tantra Sex - Learn How to Have Sex the Tantric Way

By tantric sex the main purpse is to intensify both the physical and mental ecstacy and remain in that state as long as possible. Learn how here.
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It is possible to use the same approaches to maximize the total sexual ecstasy, both the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the sexual ecstasy. The approach can also be used to make the sexual pleasure last a very long time before you plunges into a intense climax.

Here are some advices about pracitising tantric sex that can be uses both by a woman and a man and by two gay or lesbian lovers.

- Before you begin you can set yourself in a relaxed but still allert state by sitting some while calming down from the stress of the day, having a cosy chat with each other, listening to some senual music and drinking a cup of strong coffee or tea. Eating some sensually spiced food can also help you appoach the righy state.

- Use a quiet room that is pleasantly warm and have a comfortable bed. Let it be some light in the room, so you can see each other, but not very bright. Then take off your clothes in a relaxed way and lie down totally naked at the top of the bed.

- Approach each other tightly, sling your arms and legs over or around each other and lie together and just relax. Lie some time tightly together and feel the presence of your lover. Begin caressing each other gently, but do not concentrate on any specific zone. Already now you will probably feel a strong arousal, and a lot off finely tuned feelings spreading as waves throughout your bodies and your mind.

- You will also feel a lot of exciting reactions in your intimate zones. Your genitals will begin to engorge. You will feel lubricating fluid coming out of your intimate holes. There will be gentle wave-like contractions beginning in your lower zones and spreading throughout your bodies that stimulate to even more feelings. You will sense a lot of exciting scents emanating from your partner and yourself.

- Now you gradually approach the more sensual points in the body of your lover, like the breast nipples, the navel, the vulva with the clitoris and vaginal opening, the scrotum and the penis, the natal clefts and rectal zone. Use your fingers to gently spread open the clandestine inner places of your partner, and separate your own legs to invite your lover inside to finger your own hideous areas. Caress with your fingers, first arounf the entrance and then deeper towards the bottom of the secret groves.

- All the time be sensual to whet your partner signals. Stay doing some time those things that you sense that your lover likes, but do not keep doing the same thing too long to avoid anything getting boring. Each time you caress some sensual place, do it first in a gentle relaxed manner, but gradually intensify your handling to increase the feelings of your partner towards a peek, but slip before your lover reach an orgasm.

- Now the time has come for one of you to mount upon the other and one of you to open up your intimate zones to offer your openings for full penetration. Then slowly and gently you penetrate your partner and you begin your undulating movements. Make it slowly and gently at the beginning, but gradually intensify so that the feelings of both of you reach the peak. Then relax to take your reactions somewhat down again. Repeat this many times and you get a steadily growing general excitement physically, mentally and spiritually.

- You can then choose to go out again of the intimate cave of your partner to let the feelings settle somewhat and again laying relaxed caressing and fingering each other. And then one of you can enter the other once again. You can do many such cycles of caressing, fingering and penetrating. All the time you will feel a constant mental ecstasy and a general physical arousal that steadily grow. Each time you intensivate your actions you will feel a more specific physical pleasure that intensify to a near infinite state.

- Eventually the time has come to conclude with the final climax. You can do so by stimulating each other with the fingers or by one of you entering your lover by his penis or also some sort of sexual toy. You stimulate steadily more intensely until you plunge into the orgasm.

- However, by tantric sex orgasm is not always the goal, and the intense ecstasy you feel before you decide to conclude with the climax is considered more important that the climax itself. Sometimes you will therefore choose not to have an orgasm. Then a great part of your arousal will remain during the day or night and give you a constant pleasure, and allow you to have a new session fairly soon with the same intensity of physical and mental feelings, and the same tight nearness to each other physically and spiritually. 


Knut Holt is an Internet marketer and author with a focus on health items and erotism. To find more information about erotics, fitness and health, please see his web-site. Also presentation of products to improve health, fitness and sexual life.


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