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NEUROLINGUISTICS, Covert Hypnosis, NLP language patterns in use

You would find out how important isn't really what you speak, but how you speak and it's not about tempo and other factors, but the way you combine words and phrases.
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The basic element of human communication is speak (talk) [neurolinguistics]. In this article you would find out how important isn't really what you speak, but how you speak and it's not about tempo and other factors, but the way you combine words and phrases. To give you an example of what it's the stake, read the paragraph below. In this article you would be learn of covert hypnosis and secret nlp language patterns.
Now I would give an example of 3 particular words, which you're probably using frequently everyday. In very specify way they affect your brain – when you hear them, and on the talkers minds also when you say it in the specific way. When we would start, I would like you to ask you something. Did you observed an increasing curiosity what are those words? Just don't think about them, how the words may be. Don't let on a minute to have a thought: 'what are those' words? I understand that those commands may seem weird, but try to don't think about what sounds those words and in how way you may use them to increase efficient of your communication skills with other people.
First word, is "NO" (negation). To make you have an idea how to use it, see the examples below:don't think about the bluedon't think about how your's dad voice sound likedon't think about the potential learning this would bring to you and how could you use it
You didn't wanted to think about something, but you did the opposite. See now about what the fight is going on?
When you would understand how to use phrases and single words to bring far way power to your message you would laugh from people around, how they sabotage their speak.
To the example above – there is no difference if you would say: "don't think about the blue" or "think about the blue". For mind, there is no, because it works in a different way.
The example supplied is only the 0.001% of the all knowledge on the subject.
I've reminded myself with one funny example, it's perfect you to show how people sabotage their actions through words they use (inappropriate, with negation).Hey, please don't stress yourself. I've got something important to tell you.
orPlease don't stress yourself before the dentist, it would not hurt.
"don't miss this", "don't let it fall", "don't forget to..." etc.
People seem to use it often, without even realizing (!) what they're doing!You want to be become a master of nlp language patterns, different from them – week ones.
You would probably ask now: why should I use?Well.Calm down, I want you to say something important.Remember about the... ("don't forget to...")Watch this.STOP THAT!
In this moment, you may think to don't use the negation "no" word!Nothing more ridiculous, you should to use it in a programmed way!
I use it to make in a listener images, views of what I want. I use it in a special way, like: "We won't be talking about the money, luxury cars and apartaments". Think about it when it would be suitable to use it on your own.

Another interesting idea is that on this world there are some people with NO-negative mind, as I call it. On the proposition: "do we go to the cinema" they respond automatically: "no, I've got 'something to do'".
Use instead (from the negation): "you would not go with me to the cinema; aren't you".Don't feel amazed if you would hear: "you're wrong! I would go. When?"
Don't think about where you would test this technique today!

An ANOTHER great idea is with word: "TRY". I love it, it's unreplaceable on business talks (especially). To point you what's the idea of it: when you tell to somebody – do it there is a lot huge chance that he would do it (in terms of nlp language patterns), but when you tell to somebody – try to do it mind would "try" to do it, but it's not the same with DOING IT. OK, enough of theory, let's see the examples:try do your homework before midnighttry to don't be latetry to buy bread when you would be on the towntry to come on this meeting
See it? Use this:do your homework before midnightbe punctually (on time)buy bread when you would be on the towncome on this meeting
A hell lot better! It seems that also this one people use to sabotage their own messages.
The beautiful of this word comes in the inverse way of using it. Perfect example:It's amazing, but other sites offer too mephedrone, the same quality. Why should I choose you?
[notice "try" word]Yes, it's true – other sites sell too mephedrone, so please try to get in touch with them and try to find something which would interest you, before you would buy from us.

The most important thing is to AVOID RAISING suspicions. It could be done for example by replying: "yes, other sites offer too mephedrone, but they're poor sites offering poor mephedrone".
IN the example before it was MANIPULATION [implication] used, but the unaware subconscious mind didn't noticed it ["before you would buy from us"]. Besides, the answer didn't raised ANY suspicions.

What you would like to do, is to learn it and master it at least for a month [and a lifetime] with the good for you. Important is also to make you see those elements.
I use the techniques (& many more) combined with other methods on ALL THIS SITE. Question: did you noticed any?
Yes, it's true. They're used in EVERY article, but most (99%) you're even UNAWARE.
The point of this paragraph was that most of beginners with NLP and persuation use every technique in a plain-sight way. They use it TOO MUCH, It's SEEN even for the unaware user, that's something wrong, doesn't fit.
You must use those (in article) techniques gently.
There are MANY other methods which are used, by you need to first understand the basics. Before I write ANY of the article I must answer myself on few questions, sometimes you need to take a mask, sometimes user must feel that he really cheated you or win with you – but that's the point you wanted to achieve. BIG picture, outside the box thinking. I would teach you, and reveal my techniques soon. I specially didn't used any of the introduced methods here.
* when I see fueled NLP text I leave the site, always
The point of NLP language patterns is to make user UNAWARE of them. ALWAYS, without ANY exceptions.

I would introduce you one word more, which I'v told on the beginning of the article. Two first are the most important, but this is point that the 3rd is less – you should also know, and understand how it's need to be used.
The 3rd important word is "but". Think, how it affects your mind on the examples below:You're a handsome woman [men], but...It's interesting and smart what you've told, but...Everything is cool, but...
It allows to put you new information which at level of sentence is important to the listener.
You would learn really that this word is important also, because it allows you to change the experience and the topic of the conversation in the way good for you. Without noticing listener mind and without any resistance from his side.
You must remember that the sentence AFTER but..., can't be in a visible way connected to each self.Other sites have too good mephedrone, but we've got the best.
Use.Other sites have too good mephedrone, but because we're talking, let we introduce you our product.
It's important for you to learn how to use this language pattern.

This article should learn here, at this point, but I would give you some bonus.LEARN EVERYTHING FROM THIS ARTICLE AND START TO USE IT TODAY.Knowledge means nothing without practice and everyday life usage.Don't think how much you would earn and improve your communication skills with others ;-).
I would give you some tips.
When talking with somebody ALWAYS START FROM TALKING ABOUT EXPERIENCES, FEELINGS, STATES of your speaker. Then start to implicate thoughts, feelings, behavior!I don't want to do my homework, mom.Yes, I understand, you don't want to do your homework son, but try to don't think about how much time you would have on fun when you do finish them.
CONFIRM his REALITY first. Read the example one more time and focus on the beginning.
IMPLEMENT ALL. Meet you at the next article, tomorrow. Thanks & wish you good day. NLP the new technology of achievement, it's subliminal linguistics hypnosis.

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