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Can I Persuade My Wife to Stay If I've Been Caught Cheating?

You know the devastation that cheating can bring to your marriage, and that is why you were trying very hard to keep your affair from your wife.
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You know the devastation that cheating can bring to your marriage, and that is why you were trying very hard to keep your affair from your wife. However, she has found out what is taking place. Is it really possible to persuade her to give you at least one more chance to make your marriage work?

Given the high rate of cheating in the present world, many women dread the time when they discover that their partners are also involved in this heinous act. Many of them spend time sharing ideas how they can respond in case they discover their partners have been cheating on them. It is easier to say that you will call off your relationship when it is still a mere discussion than when you are actually dealing with the situation. Turning your back on a relationship that you have helped to establish is not as easy as it sounds.

However, this is not to say that the women will simply brush it off when they discover that their husbands have been cheating. Neither will this fact make it any easier for you to persuade your wife to stay if you have been cheating. This is a delicate situation that you need to handle with great care to avoid jeopardizing the chances of reconciliation.

When you want to persuade your wife to stay after you have cheated on her, you need to bear in mind that you have hurt her greatly. She is the victim, not the villain, no matter how much you feel that she is the one who pushed you to have an affair. Here are the steps you should take to help her change her mind and stay.

Get back to the basics

The glue that will make both of you stay together in harmony is the love you have for each other. This is therefore where you need to begin. Let her recall the man she had fallen in love with at the beginning. You cannot do this if you do not become that man in the first place. Go back to the things you had long taken for granted to bring back the lost sparkle in your marriage. It is that person you were in the beginning that attracted her, and you need to go back to being that person if you want to sweep her off her feet once more.

Pinpoint the source of trouble

There are high chances that there was something you were looking for that you received in the other woman. Be sure that your wife will want to know what drove you to that woman while she was there. You need to find a suitable way of pinpointing the problem without accusing her in the process. You need to choose your words carefully. Let her know what you got that she did not offer, but do not give the impression that she cannot offer whatever it is.

Let her recall the things you have passed through

You must have shared a lot of things together and you should let her recall the strong history behind you. Remember the good times you have shared. For tips, go to http://www.marriagecure.com

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