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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Walk Away from a Cheating Boyfriend

In many cases you should work at saving your relationship however you are in the best position to determine whether the relationship you had was healthy and worth saving or not.
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In many cases, you should work at saving your relationship even when you discover that your partner has cheated on you. However, this does not mean that you should try to restore your relationship in every situation. In some cases, it is better to walk away from a cheating boyfriend and start afresh. You are in the best position to determine whether the relationship you had was healthy and worth saving or not.

The following are some of the reasons why you should walk away from a cheating boyfriend.

1.  If your relationship was abusive in nature

There is hardly any reason why you should give your boyfriend another chance to abuse you after you have discovered his cheating ways. If you are in an abusive relationship, you should find ways of ending it before things get out of hand. An abusive relationship is not good for either of you.

2.  You have reason to believe that he will continue with his cheating ways

In some rare circumstances, people are saddened by the fact that their cheating ways have been discovered without being sorry for the actions themselves. If you believe that your boyfriend falls in this group, then you should walk away from the relationship. If you do not believe in him then making up will be very challenging, and indeed it cannot be fully effective. If you see that your boyfriend is still interested in his affair instead of being sorry, it may be time to call it quits.

3.  He tells you he won't stop his affair

There are some few men who do not believe that they should stick to single partners if they are really 'men'. If it happens that your boyfriend falls in this group yet you want to settle into a stable relationship, then you will have no option but to walk away. The more time you take in the relationship the more difficult it will be to break even when you are hurting.

4.  You can see that he loves his illicit partner

Although people do not often get into affairs because of love, you may notice that your boyfriend seems to love the other woman. This will effectively mean that he does not love you, which will be a painful blow. If there is no love then there is no reason for staying in the relationship.

5.  You cannot bring yourself to forgive him

You may be so affected by his betrayal of trust that you find it difficult to forgive him and go ahead with the relationship. If you take a deep look at yourself and are convinced that you will never forgive him, then you will never have a healthy relationship.

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