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Cheating Husband – Why Do They Take Risk?

Unfortunately, this is something that seems to frustrate some wives, who almost view their husbands to be getting drunk on sex.
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It is very common to hear of cases of cheating husbands who insist that they still love their wives dearly. So, why do they risk all if they love their spouses? You may wonder. What could they be getting from the women they are cheating with that they cannot get right within their marriages?


First of all, you should understand that it does not mean that the husbands are lying when they say that they still love their wives. There are some things that may push them to cheat in spite of the love they feel. While every relationship is different, the following are some of the common denominators that play a part in this unfortunate situation. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, hence you should be aware of them so that you can avoid the painful experience.


Total pleasure


There are many things that will not concern a husband during the times he is with the other woman. For instance, he will not have to worry about those little but irritating responsibilities that you keep nagging him about, whether it is removing the garbage or mowing the lawn. While it is true that he should have done these things, and you were just reminding him of what he should do, you should understand that men can easily interpret being told something more than once as nagging.


This does not mean that you should do nothing when he fails to take his responsibility. What it means, however, is that you should find a pleasant way of encouraging him to enjoy doing the chores. Do you think the other woman tells him what he should do when they are getting intimate?




Men usually want more sex. Unfortunately, this is something that seems to frustrate some wives, who almost view their husbands to be getting drunk on sex. However, this may leave room for the other woman, who will give it to him whenever he feels like it.


Does he know not that you have a lot of responsibilities and you get too exhausted to welcome sex? The trick is to make your sex lives part of your priorities. Do not make him feel as if he is just receiving what is left over from you.


Make arrangements to give him the first priority, and let him know that he has the first place in your life. Let him know that you are giving yourself especially for him, and give him more frequently than you used to. This has a special way of letting him stick to you only.


Stroke his ego


Do you realize how much your husband likes you to admire him? If you praise him for what he has done, you will motivate him to try even harder just so that he can hear you praising him more. You will do yourself a great disfavor if you just wait for major achievements to praise.


These are some of the reasons why cheating husbands risk all. When you lay out a good plan, you will get your husband back and let him think of no other woman.

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