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How Do I Get Back to My Ex Boyfriend?

When you feel that you’re all alone and no one to care for you, you would probably feel week, dejected and depressed.
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When you feel that you’re all alone and no one to care for you, you would probably feel week, dejected and depressed. Yes all of these signs would indicate that you have had a breakup with your ex boyfriend and you miss him a lot. 

In an attempt to get him back, you may want to call him up, talk to him about your relationship and show him how much you still care for him. But all these feelings would lead you nowhere. Instead it may worsen the situation and push him away from you rather than getting your ex back.

The first thing I would recommend you to do is give your relationship a gap or a space. Let the matter settle gradually. Give it sometime like maybe a week or two. Am sure it would be a head start to get your ex back.

You can cry, throw things around, get angry or talk to yourself. It may sound crazy but it allows you to clear off things in your mind that would greatly help in analyzing what went wrong. Now you should go and freshen up yourself either by having a bath or go to the beach or park and take in some fresh air. This will surely wipe off the bad emotions that are left behind.

Now starts the actual exercise and you need to gear up and start working towards having a massive makeover. Yes you heard that right, you will have to get your hair done, facial, a nice manicure, buy a beautiful dress and shoes to go with it. Your stunning looks should blow him away and would make you look beautiful and confident.

Since your boyfriend would obviously not expect such a huge change in you, you will have to create a situation for him to see you in your new avatar. Get a bunch of your close friends and hang out in some restaurant where he goes often.

One thing you need to remember here is to have a good time with your friends that make him think that you don't need him anymore. If he tries to make eye contact just respond back with a smile and get back to your friends.

In the meantime, you would obviously get some attention from other men around which would make him jealous and get back to you. He would now make an attempt to talk to you. If he does, just talk to him casually as friends and let him start the talk since he was the one who broke up with you. 

Do not rush into anything stupid; just respond normally as if it won’t matter to you if he says that he wants to get back to you. The trick here is to make him fall for you again and he has to get back to you since he's attracted to the new you. 

The concept here is to start a new beginning instead of resuming the past which would help you in getting back your ex boyfriend.

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