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TOMS: A Good Reason to Love Shoes

by Kelly, Smile.ly Community Manager
Views: 1.191 Created 06/29/2010

Like most women, I love shoes. A beautifully constructed stiletto, a classically cute and functional tennis shoe or a pretty ballet flat, I enjoy shopping for all different styles. When it comes to brands, I’m a little pickier. TOMS shoes are my favorite brand of shoes. I’m crazy about this brand, and here are the reasons why!

They give to children in need.

TOMS Shoes is completely based off of the goal of helping children in need. For every pair of TOMS shoes that is purchased, TOMS donates a pair to a child in a developing country that needs one. Their goal is to reduce soil-transmitted diseases, prevent cuts and sores and make it possible for children to go to school (at some schools, shoes are a part of the uniform).

They come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

TOMS shoes photoTOMS has a shoe for everyone (including vegans). They have the traditional canvas in a variety of colors and patterns, glitter covered shoes, wedges, boots, vegan material shoes and even a line of TOMS specifically for weddings!

They're comfortable.

I can wear my TOMS all day in New York City and my feet will not be sore. They are easy to break in and have never given me a blister. They are also a slide on shoe with no laces so they are secure without the hassle of untying and retying shoes all day!

They last.

I have had the same pair of TOMS for over a year, and I wear them all of the time. Although they’re starting to show signs of wear now, I think they still have a few months left in them. :)

They're fashionable.TOMS shoes celebrities photo

Many celebrities, including Kristen Stewart (for all of you Twilight lovers), have been seen sporting TOMS.

They’re a shoe that you won’t feel guilty about spending money on.

Not only are TOMS shoes reasonably priced (ranging from $44-$98), but the money goes to a good cause.

For more information, ordering, or to get involved, visit www.TOMS.com.

(images courtesy of www.TOMS.com and www.greenzer.com)

What other shoes do you consider a good investment? Leave a comment below!


Kelly is a Community Manager at Smile.ly. Her hobbies include eating, shower singing, watching far too much 30 Rock, and attending as many Broadway shows as possible. She also tends to talk too much about her (adorable) dogs and plan events that never actually happen.


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