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The Best Food Shows on TV

by Amanda, Smile.ly Community Manager
Views: 2.299 Created 06/29/2010

I’m a foodie. A retired food blogger—but still an invested member of the community—I love everything about food. I love reading about it, making it, shopping for it, eating it, and I especially love watching it on TV. There’s a good chance if my TV is on, the Food Network or other food shows will be playing. Below, I picked my top three favorite shows, a task that was almost as hard as narrowing down what I want to order at a restaurant.

Ace of Cakes

Ace of Cakes Photo

I love my job, but if I wasn’t lucky enough to score a gig at Smile.ly, I would want to work at Charm City Bakery. Duff Goldman and his motley crew of Baltimore hipsters are actually way too cool for me, but I fantasize about spending a day at their bakery. They’re charming, real, slightly camera-shy people making incredible looking cakes and making it all look incredibly fun. The best part of the episodes? Besides Duff’s daily antics, it has to be holding my breath hoping the cake delivery process doesn’t make a dent in the flawless cake presentation.

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

The Best Thing I Ever Ate LogoThis show had me at its simple premise: celebrity chefs talk about their favorite dishes and make the obligatory facial expressions and yumming sounds when describing the food. It gets me every time. I get so excited when something I’ve eaten gets the “Best Thing” stamp, like when Austin’s Salt Lick restaurant was featured thanks to Duff Goldman’s (he’s more than just the cake guy) and Bobby Flay’s good taste in barbeque. The episodes’ categories always get me thinking about my best things I ever ate…and make me want to go out and try all the featured dishes to see if they live up to the hype!

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

During my foodie transformation, I learned about the powers of natural, wholesome organic food and would now take a sweet potato over French fries any day —well, most days— of the week. It’s not just propaganda that quality food tastes really good and does wondrous things in improving quality of life. Chef Jamie Oliver shares my sentiments and actually had the guts to do something about it. His Food Revolution had him busting in to Huntington, West Virginia, deemed the nation’s unhealthiest city, and overhauling the residents' ways of thinking about food, sometimes dressed in a pea suit.

(images courtesy of FoodNetwork.com)


Which food television shows do you enjoy? Who’s your favorite foodie?


Amanda is a Community Manager at Smile.ly. When she's not updating her Google Reader with more food blog feeds, she's cheering on the St. Louis Cardinals and watching her favorite television shows that always end up getting canceled. And after spending most of her life getting lost, she loves her iPhone specifically for the Google Maps app.


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