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How to spot real breasts from our artificial friends!

How to tell the real thing from our artificial friends! Follow my 10-step guide to find out if your date is sporting the real thing or if she's redone the balcony
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How to tell real breasts from our artifical friends!

1. Are both breasts identical?

In fact, most natural breasts feature a larger or smaller friend to the left or right. Not only that, but natural breasts have a tendency to move with the motion of the ocean. Dare we say: ‘implants’ tend to be much stiffer and don’t move as ‘naturally’ as the … well… natural, albeit oft smaller size do.

2. Natural breasts actually do tend to sag a bit with time. 
If there seems to be a heavenly lift about something then we can almost naturally assume that… they’re not. ;)

3. Think twice before hitting a strict diet!

Large breasts often come with larger women – just because of the fact that the actual tissue surrounding our favorite features represent that type of tissue. When weight goes up, so do the size of her breasts. When hinting it’s time to hit the gym, buyer beware as this will often affect the size of her breasts as well. Diets take their toll when losing ‘weight’.

4. She’s reaching for heaven …when normally they’re going to hell.

Natural breasts are situated usually 10″ from chin to nipple, which means that if there’s something busting seems too high – then odds are that she had work done. Not that we’re saying that’s all bad – simply that it’s easy to spot unnaturally large breasts when they’re right too perky for that time of day!

5. You see ‘them’ long before her!
If you see a naturally petite drink of water long after you noticed her frontal arrangement, then odds are … she visited our favorite doctor. If she’s anywhere over a cup size C – then odds are her natural charm isn’t exactly au-natural.

6. Does she have a wondering eye, or is it just that her breasts are going in opposite directions?
Odds are, if she has breasts which are pointing in opposite directions then she paid for what she got. A complication of a cheap operation often results in the breasts heading in unnatural directions – whether left-to-right, top-to-bottom or any other way.

7. Scared for life
Although you won’t always get to see the finer details, if there are visible scars – traditionally under the breasts, near the underarm or by the nipples – then her doctor might have been sipping on Grandpa’s cough medicine before going under the knife.

8. Perfection comes shining through! 
A perfect hourglass figure typically fits in with the most attractive women. If she’s proportionally imbalanced with a heavy top-end then odds are – she’s made a visit to the surgeon.

9. Two key factors in her behavior:

Constant attention is paid to her new-and-improved rack. She will often highlight her confidence-boosting boob job by ‘accidentally’ touching or brushing against that part of her body. She’s excited about them and feels that the world should notice – even if she’s doing this unconsciously.

What breast job!? If she’s in any way shy about her breasts – as in being quite amazingly large – then odds are she’s had some work done on them.  This comes from a conscious hangover of having had the job done. Girls with naturally large breasts are often confident about their size and have no problems with their self image.

Kelly Brook

10. One too many Push-ups.

Bras come in many wonderful shapes, sizes and forms and they naturally have a push-up effect. When she’s had work done on her breasts we can often see this by the way they rest on her chest. Natural breasts tend to rest into the bras and let the bra do all the work – hence the push-up revolution. However, if there’s nothing soft about the way she’s being pushed up then it probably means what you now know.

Breasts are amazing in all shapes, forms and sizes! The most important thing is for you to make sure that you let your woman know how much you love her shape and size. No two breasts are alike, and that you adore her body is important to her and gives her a boost of self-esteem – regardless if they’re natural or after a performance-enhancing operation! ;)

So… which ones are natural in the photo above? Left – or right? :)

Take a look and discover even more about the wonderful mystery of women and all the beautiful lace lingerie she could be appreciating today!

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