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La Place USA Interiors

<a href="http://www.laplaceusa.com/wateco.html">La Place USA Interiors</a> is proud to present their Eco Teak Collection.
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Environmental awareness and sustainability have become the biggest trends in recent years. Many furniture manufacturers and designers are making the best use of our resources in a responsible way. One of the most eco-friendly materials on the market is teak.

Teak wood is often used when making garden and indoor furniture and in boat building, because it has its own natural oil that makes the wood very resistant. Reclaimed teak is wood is simply teak that has been harvested from bridges, wharfs, jetties and structural beams in housing. The timber is then carefully selected and restored resulting in a rich mature aged patina, which is extremely durable and less likely to shrink or crack. Because it is being used again, it reduces the felling of trees, and puts existing materials to a new use.

<A HREF="http://www.laplaceusa.com/wateco.html">Reclaimed teak</A> is therefore extremely eco-friendly. It also that looks stunning when combined with contemporary and innovative designs that can fit beautifully into any interior. Reclaimed teak wood is used for many reasons: the wood's unique appearance, its contribution to green building, the history of the wood's origins and the wood's physical characteristics such as strength, stability and durability.

Reclaimed teak is quirky, rustic looking and also very practical. Because reclaimed teak wood is from old-growth trees, it tends to have fewer pitch pockets, sapwood and other natural defects. The wood looks great when left natural, stained, oiled or varnished. Another benefit this wood provides is that the wood is less likely to warp or twist than freshly felled timber. This is because is has been air-drying for decades, and is therefore fully adjusted to the atmosphere.

<A HREF="http://www.laplaceusa.com/wateco.html">Reclaimed teak</A> is the wood of choice for many architects and builders. It is often more expensive than new wood, as the cost to retrieve it, clean it and get it to market costs more than the felling of new wood. However nothing is more timeless than a hand crafted piece of reclaimed teak furniture. Each piece is entirely unique giving it that extra special something. Purchasing authentic reclaimed teak furniture is not only an environmentally friendly option, but one can also end up owning a piece of the past. Reclaimed teak will last a lifetime and often remains in families for generations.



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