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Is My Marriage Worth Saving After His Affair?

A common concern with many wives is whether marriage is worth saving when the husband is having an affair. "Is my marriage worth saving?"
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A common concern with many wives is whether marriage is worth saving when the husband is having an affair. "Is my marriage worth saving?" If you are one of them, you are actually in the best position to answer the question.

There are some questions that you need to ask yourself in order to reach the right answer. How valuable is your marriage to you? Although there are many other factors that come into play, they all point to one thing: is there love enough between the two of you to weather the storm?

Cheating causes a lot of pain and getting over it is certainly not going to be easy. If any person tells you that you will manage to overcome the situation smoothly, and then know that you are just being given tinted glasses. However, there are things that will lift off some of the weight when you put them in practice.

If you are wondering whether your marriage is worth saving, you should consider these questions to find your answer.

1.  To what extent do you love your husband now that he has cut you to the bone with his cheating? Is your love greater than the bitter anguish you are feeling? Look deep inside yourself to determine whether the love you feel for him is strong enough to overcome the devastation caused.

2.  Is there any other person who will be affected should you decide to leave? While this is your life, and you should not suffer for the sake of other people, you should consider how your departure will affect some close individuals. For instance, do you have children who will bear the brunt of the breakup of your marriage? You should remember that there are some things that you cannot reverse. Consider whether you will just hurt the kids more by staying or not.

3.  Take a look back at your relationship and consider whether there were any happy moments and how far between they were. If you can hardly remember the time you were genuinely happy together, then perhaps your marriage is not worth saving. On the other hand, if you can positively say that you were happy together before your husband's cheating muddied the water then there are high chances of salvaging your relationship and get even closer than you used to be.

An affair is a high sense of betrayal. However, it does not necessarily have to mark the end of your marriage. These questions will help you to determine whether your marriage is worth saving. In addition, you should learn how you can get husband back and build a stronger marriage. Apply the first step from this FREE video: the magic of making up and see real results in your relationship.

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