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Why He Doesn’t Call After The First Date?

If you are thinking, “Why he doesn’t call?”, then stop wondering and start acting.
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If you are thinking, “Why he doesn’t call?”, then stop wondering and start acting. This is high time for you to understand the psyche and inner feelings of your boyfriend. Many men do not reveal their darker sides. Even when they want to call, they do not because they are filled with ego!
When you are on a first date, things go smooth and suddenly, when you part he doesn’t call and you don't hear from him anymore. You want to know the reasons why he hasn't call you? Your mind gets various crazy questions and you might end up thinking that you had a date with some stupid jerk or some arrogant freak. However, truth could be different. Stop thinking from your perspective; think by putting yourself in his shoes. There might be other unexplained reasons that you have to understand and rather ask yourself and you will get the answer of “why doesn’t he call” after you guys had a date. The following could be some of the major reasons:
1)  Guy’s Insight: The guy might have thought something different about you - very independent, carefree girl and filled with attitude. He might have thought that if he will call you, you might not appreciate that and that is why he did not try to make his first move.
Your Truth: You were confident, smart and wanted the guy to start everything but this took in some other way.
2)  The other reason could be that he might have thought that you are rich, confident and out-spoken might not give him a chance to stand. He may have felt that you may not be the best choice for him, he don't like someone telling him what is right. This could be one reason why men don't call back.
3)  Generally, girls think that guys will call often and this idea could take some guys back and you might be in confusion like “why doesn’t he call”.
It is also important to know what kind of guy the person was with whom you had a date. Was he a nice person or some kind of jerk? Some guys are introvert and some guys want to have ego tussle. However, if he hasn’t call you, you can always call him. You can call him directly if you do not hear from him. There might be various reasons and you cannot let this man go and chances fade in mere anticipation and speculation. Do not just sit and wonder why doesn’t he call!

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