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My Girlfriend Cheated On Me - What Did I Do to Make Her Cheat?

Finding out that 'my girlfriend cheated on me' is a very painful thing. It may be almost just as painful to ask yourself whether you did anything to make her cheat.
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Finding out that 'my girlfriend cheated on me' is a very painful thing. It may be almost just as painful to ask yourself whether you did anything to make her cheat. Yet this is something that you need to consider if you really want to restore your relationship.

As you consider what you did to make her cheat, you should bear in mind that she is an adult who makes independent decisions. Therefore, her cheating was her own choice, and it is not really your mistake. She is a responsible person who knows how to make a difference between what is right and wrong. If you would like to mend your strained relationship, she will need to accept responsibility for her fault.

However, you should ask yourself critically whether there is some way in which you may have pushed her towards cheating. There are high chances that you inadvertently drove her towards the painful route. You really do not have to make any conscious effort to do this, for all it takes is just to get into the gender role stereotypes.

Men have assumed that women are difficult to understand since time immemorial. The truth, however, is that it is this perception that complicates matters; the women themselves are not that complicated. Of course, one problem that they tend to have is that they expect their men to be mind readers! Otherwise, understanding them is relatively easy.

Appreciate her

You can do things in your effort to stop your girlfriend from cheating. Unfortunately, there are chances that you are neglecting the very thing that will help you in this effort. If there is just one word for summarizing what she needs, then it is appreciation. Your girl will be very happy to know that you acknowledge and appreciate the little ways in which she makes your life better.

Of course, you are probably doing this, except that you do not do it in her language. If you think that working hard for her sake will show her your appreciation then you are mistaken. Tell her that you appreciate and love her.

When you come home, do you just go straight to the computer, watch television, or read the newspaper? If your girlfriend or wife does not feel that you notice the efforts she is making even in preparing a great meal for you, you will leave her feeling very discouraged. Do you think that all the dirty things in the house, including your clothes, wash themselves and put themselves in good order?

Give her a helping hand

Tell your girlfriend that you know how much she does for you. Doing this just once in a while will work wonders in your relationship. Your girlfriend most likely will not betray or cheat if she feels special with you.

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