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Make Your Ex Want You Back – Using Jealousy Trick

Though a bit on the unorthodox side, you can work on making your ex jealous. For starters, it is not for the lighthearted and can be seen as a little deceitful.
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Just because you breakup with an ex doesn’t mean your ex is about to forget you any time soon.  You’re ex will also start to think about you after a breakup but in different ways: he’ll start to miss you and he’ll wish you were there to run your fingers across the back of his neck lightly. 

He’ll miss all the things you did for him that he took for granted.  However, there are more ways to get your ex to want you back. For instance, just waiting out the alone time can become too much for him to handle before he realizes just how much he misses you.

Though a bit on the unorthodox side, you can work on making your ex jealous.  You need to be aware of this issue. For starters, it is not for the lighthearted and can be seen as a little deceitful.  However, if you feel this would work for you… make sure you know what you’re doing.

You can make your ex jealous by starting a new relationship with someone else.  Of course your ex has to see you with this other person or even hear about it by word of mouth.  You have the option of making your ex jealous through actually starting a new relationship or just by putting on a show with a friend your ex doesn’t know.  Your ex is going to wish he were the one with his hand on the small of your back, guiding you into a restaurant.

Yes, this has the potential of working but it also has the potential of falling apart.  If your ex finds out you were playing him, it has a big chance of falling apart.  If the new guy you are “dating” finds out you’re only using him…your plan will fall apart.  If you get too attached to this new guy… your plan will fall apart.  You have to be sure and careful because so many people could get hurt in this kind of situation.

With the best results, this little trick could do amazing things for your relationship.  Your ex will gain an appreciation for you that he started to lose.  He’s likely to want you back and he will, most certainly, treat you better.  Make sure, though, that you’re not going to hurt someone else like you were hurt during a breakup.

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