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Why Drunk Dialing Will Ruin Your Chances of Getting Back Your Ex

If you’re reading this article then you’re on the right path to avoid the conflicts in the relationship life and keep yourself from falling over the edge.
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When you are desperate to get your ex back, you tend to ignore the warning signs that tell you that you’re teetering on the edge of a cliff. If you’re wondering what the warning signs are, you have to look for them. If you’re reading this article then you’re on the right path to avoid the conflicts in the relationship life and keep yourself from falling over the edge. You’re also on the right path to get your ex back.

One caution sign you need to watch out for is drunk dialing.  What might this be?  Well, it’s a very dangerous phone call that usually involves a drink or two (or three).  It often happens late at night when you’re lying in bed alone and you want the comforting feel of your ex.  While you had hoped the pain would ease with the drinking, you know that it did not help. You decide that the only way to cure your pain is to make a call to your ex.  Here’s a little secret: neither drinking nor your ex will cure that pain you feel inside your heart.

There is something you need to know about alcohol and emotions. When you drink, your emotions, while you may believe otherwise, will take over and you may end up saying things you regret. After all, alcohol lowers you inhibitions and increases those hurtful feelings.  This “liquid courage” will do you more harm than good.

Whether you make a phone call out of desperation to get your ex to listen to you or as a means of comfort, you only end up hurting yourself. How so?  You let your ex see a side of you that he most likely never wanted to see.  That side is…desperate and needy.

Obviously with a sober mind you can see how silly this scenario is but sadly… it happens all the time.  Drunk dialing will only result in your “plan” backfiring.  The hopes you had of getting your ex back through that call (or possibly in any other call) will be crushed.  Don’t let depression turn you to alcohol and don’t let alcohol be the means in which you make important decisions like getting back your ex.

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