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On Securing a Virtualization Platform

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Because of its impact in reducing IT overhead costs, virtualization could just not be a trend that would wane out over time.
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Because of its impact in reducing IT overhead costs, virtualization could just not be a trend that would wane out over time. As more and more companies are transitioning into the virtualization platform, a more serious aspect needs to be looked into on a regular basis – security.

There are many different ways to secure a virtual server. If your company has just switched to the virtualization method and are still in the process of learning more about virtual security, here are some simple tips that you can consider to ease the worries of unsecured data.

  1. Limit the accessibility to the host server. It is always best to assign a trusted IT personnel to gain access to the host. This should minimize unauthorized changes to the server.

  2. Always verify the integrity of the files being installed or uploaded to the host. This is especially true for hash values of system files. As much as possible, hash values should only be stored on a separate offline storage device. This prevents any malicious user from re-hashing any modified file on the host.

  3. Load only the essentials. Unnecessary components like drivers and services like file sharing and printing should be disabled. Not only will it improve security but also improve the server’s performance.

  4. For possible investigative procedures, always ensure that host and guest users are on synchronized time.

There are still a lot of simple but effective ways to secure a virtual machine. Going with the above is a good start. While virtualization definitely offers many benefits to many businesses, it has to be kept in mind that the benefits must be weighed out first against the potential threats to information property and even the business itself.

Jaycee Smith has been researching and writing about network support and computer disaster recover for over 2 years now. You will see more information on http://www.logicalchoiceit.com.au 

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