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Learn to Read a Man's Body Language in 5 Minutes or Less

You can determine this by reading his body language. This is possible even you have not yet dated the guy you are interested in.
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If you are going out with a man, you will be interested in knowing where he places your relationship. Is he serious or merely flirting around with you? Well, you can determine this by reading his body language. This is possible even you have not yet dated the guy you are interested in. There are a number of areas of a man's body that will give you the message that he does not share verbally. For instance, you can learn a lot from the manner in which he speaks with you and how he looks at you.  

1. It has been known since time immemorial that the eyes will reveal the real truth that lurks in the heart. The expression on the guy's face will tell you a great deal about how he truly feels about you, and you should pay close attention to it. For instance, if his eyebrows get raised as he looks at you and he gives a look of surprise before his gaze wonders to other things, this is a strong indication that he likes you.

2. In case he is not close to you, the man may try to get your attention by moving away from the crowd. He may as well make a number of gestures that are meant to make you notice him.

3. If he is close enough, pay close attention to his nostrils. If they get slightly larger as he looks at you, and his mouth also falls slightly open, this shows that you look very attractive in his sight. This is something that happens for just a few moments and it may pass your attention if you do not watch him closely.

4. The way he stands and his movements will help you to determine his interest in you. For instance, is his head tilted? Does he rub his cheeks and chin? Is he smoothing his tie? These are signs through which the guy may try to impress you.

5. He will try to get closer to you and strike up a conversation. Also, in order to get your attention, the guy may give a hearty laughter.

6. However, you should watch out when a man attempts to talk to you at all costs. When he talks very sweetly to you even though you are not familiar, he is flirting.

7. If he tries to get too close to you and even touch you while you've not been dating, beware. A man is also flirting when he seems very concerned about you even though you do not really know him. He may even buy you some flowers. Watch out.

8. The way he stares at you may again tell you to back off, particularly when he acts in a jerky manner.

The man's body language will help you to determine whether he really likes you, or perhaps you are just a tool to boost his ego among his friends.

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