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Understand Men - 3 Characteristics for a Successful Relationship

All men need to have three basic characteristics to be worth having around. Without these characteristics, there is a chance women may run before getting to know them.
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To understand men, you should think of them like grains of sand.  There are a billion of them scattered around but no two are created exactly the same. Despite their differences, all men need to have three basic characteristics to be worth having around. Without these characteristics, there is a chance women may run before getting to know them. What three basic characteristics do they need to have?

Characteristic 1 – Maturity Combined With Emotional Security

Every couple has their disagreements about many kinds of topics. However, if your man flies into a fit of rage without resolving the issue at hand, he may not be mature enough to process information in a rational manner.  If he is unwilling to accept any responsibility for his shortcomings, then he may be insecure with himself, another sign of immaturity.

All relationships have their ups and downs.  If he can’t control his emotional state when the two of you disagree, he may be incapable of agreeing to disagree. You don’t always have to agree on everything but you do have to be able to calmly discuss the matter without having a major blowout.

Characteristic 2 – Successful Relationships with Other People

Your man needs to be able to respect other people and the relationship he has with those people.   If he treats his maid like a dog because she works for him then he may not possess the ability to appreciate other people that he feels are not on his level.

He needs to able to appreciate every relationship in his life, no matter what the degree or status.  If you force him to choose between you and his best friend, a mature man will choose his friend.  From this, it tells you that the relationship is special to him and he respects its capacity in his life.

Characteristic 3 – Life Goals

An immature man has goals of material grandeur.  He will dream of being a millionaire with a grand mansion and classic cars in the driveway.  Nowhere in his dreams will he wish for anything for anyone other than for himself.

Mature men have aspirations of giving themselves for the greater good.  They want to help the unfortunate, the underprivileged or make the world a better place first, making him secondary.  Which man would you choose? Do you choose the guy who wants to give or the one who wants to take?

Of course, these characteristics should be shared between both of you.  You also must possess the characteristics that make you attractive to such a man.  It’s pretty simple; be the best person you can be.  When you are at your best, you too will have characteristics that are simply irresistible.

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